Thanks for this post....

So when you going to get with me, to END this flea-assco?

1. having a 100 tons of docs (or somewhat less, lol,) and relying on the established people whom got rid of the "RULE of LAW," dba the ABA, is not going to "STOP the CRIME!" They all belong to the SAME private corporation, that's messed up this nation since 1781


Most are throwing PUFF BALLS at a charging BULL, with their suey, suey, Piggy Pharma's suits!

2. And most don't which, how, nor where to FILE a CRIMINAL COMPLAINT, to begin with!

There is only ONE WAY, truth and life that can "STOP this run-away TRAIN," and it is NOT done by people are just as much of the problem as they are the solution!

3. Then there comes along, a few people whom almost no one knows, and BINGO, win win!

And that is HOW real history, or her-story is written, and not by those whom are all already "known" by any side in this matter!

So when are "WE" going to do this, and the TIME is down to the last ***FEW MONTHS,*** (three at the MOST,) for this county, and the REST of so-called the "Free World!"

Hey Karen...

We used to have a saying, back in my day of the "Nam Protests," it was...

"Die in you sleep, in your seat, or on your feet,"

And so I've choose to be on my FEET, and not standing still, nor moving backwards!

NOW what say YE?

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In Canada there is a nationalcitezinsinquiry

On C19 I wish you could send one of your videos, like the presentation in Europe to them that is the website Maybe give permission to use it. Preston Manning is a big name

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Karen, BRAVO to your tenacity and unflinching commitment to Truth & Justice. You are A M A Z I N G!!! I am so happy to stand behind you and lift you up in prayer. You are a wonderful human and make this world a better place. Blessing to you dear soul! XXOO

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I’m glad that your hard work and dedication is making a difference Karen ! To see the Global lawyers and attorney Barnes ( who is an amazing attorney ) use your med-legal analysis, gives me hope - you were very thorough and you meticulously sourced all of your materials…unfortunately, it also means that we are dealing with some devious evil bastards up and down the line in our medical and pharmaceutical infrastructure. Let’s hope that we get the “W” and hold these war criminals accountable

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I stand corrected as I was reminded by another concerned person (DK Fynn) and I went back, saw (again) articles which also dealt with Moderna. I am concerned though, that Moderna will speedily take over, and it feels like time is running out almost! Anyway, I also ran into the video interview with Karen, Anna Mikhalsea (spelling?? Oops) and Maria Zeee dealing with all of them being a weapon, and, sorry, forgot about that one! I just hope these doctors can maybe do MORE focusing on the group of them, but maybe it isn’t possible, who knows...It would be so great to get the lot of those nanotechnology laden things out of here! I know, though, the Hydrogel is being planned to be put in CLOTHING FABRICS, LOTIONS, and is apparently in our food, and I think chicken feed, maybe (and why chickens haven’t been laying until people replace the feed) and apparently we are being sprayed with graphene, people scrape it off of cars, using magnets, they show it’s not just brown mud, in videos exposing the situation...Celeste Solum has been also researching the Agendas, peering into documents! She has a FEMA (and other) Background. Ginny Silcox (another chemical background or like FEMA or other) has also exposed some of this. All in all, we have many heroes in our midst, experts making progress...Freedom warriors, like Dr Rima Laibow who also has exposed so much in all this...


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Thank you Karen for your brilliant unraveling of all the lies that Big Pharma and our insane government has pushed on the good people of this nation. May God bless you and our citizens that know the truth.

I pray that Brook Jackson wins her case and that the US is waking up to the abuse that so many families have gone through.

Steve Schran


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You have reconfigured the 100th Monkey Effect. It is now happening on a weekly program. "Vaccine" has been virtually replaced with "BIOWEAPON".

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Trump warned us from the beginning that he was grappling with Big Pharma and they were very angry. We had no idea how dangerous and how angry. How to separate the wheat from the chaff at Big Pharma. Even OTC are dangerous i.e. Alleve causes kidney damage.

Thank you again Karen Kingston and all Warriors!

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Mar 17·edited Mar 17Liked by Karen Kingston

Hi Karen,

When I read your headline, I was reminded of a concern that some Trump supporters have: Big Parma might try to blame Trump, thus hurting his 2024 aspirations.

I'm sure I've heard Dr. Paul Alexander voice this same concern, saying that Trump should (or should've) come out and say that he was mislead by Big Parma (and Fauci).

I'm not pro- or anti-Trump, but sometimes I wonder, "He is a former President. He must know that these bioweapons are causing harm. Why doesn't he say anything?"

For whatever reason, it seems, as you say, that it's hard for Trump to admit that he was mislead. I can't claim to know his psychological profile, but he might not even be able to perceive that he was mislead, much less admit that to himself.

Whatever the case, I don't think he can be easily excused. His silence (or rather, continual praise of the bioweapons) is a bit concerning.

On an editorial note, I did notice a few things:

1. You say "the Pfizer" a few times:

Here: "...strongly emphasized that the Pfizer was..."

And in this image: https://substackcdn.com/image/fetch/w_1456,c_limit,f_webp,q_auto:good,fl_progressive:steep/https%3A%2F%2Fsubstack-post-media.s3.amazonaws.com%2Fpublic%2Fimages%2F9d890f29-058c-44d4-88c9-b39dc19a74d0_1032x825.png

2. In one of your sub-headlines, "trusts" should be trust: "...Experts They Trusts"

You're making a difference, and you're one of my heroes!

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(Supreme Court. 1978) "There is no question of the general doctrine that fraud vitiates the most solemn contracts, documents, and even judgments." - https://www.law.cornell.edu/supremecourt/text/98/61

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You are a hero to many Karen, you have done more for humanity than most "leaders" I pray Pfizer is burned to the ground in court and Brooke wins. I was dismayed to see the FDA just approved 4 shots for 0-4 yrs. they won't stop until they have nothing left. Parents stand in the gap between the demons and your children, do not allow them to poison your precious children.

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I believe trump is an actor. He was hired as an actor. Trump is working with deep state. It’s all show to keep their agenda moving forward. Keep resisting and never give up on fighting against them! But Only Jesus Christ has the power to over throw them.

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Well, looking at back articles it appears you are also showing MODERNA doing stuff, and how ALL the technology used in those is bad, but it just feels like it would be more obvious that ALL the tech is equally bad, by showing how they also are all bad, but focusing mainly on Pfizer has made some I know avoid one, only to go to the others and perhaps being harmed. I believe the message about all being bad isn’t strongly conveyed on alternative media. Rebel News in Davos cornered Pfizer CEO, and that was good, Project Veritas keeps confronting Pfizer, and that’s good too, but am seeing so much focusing on them. Can more be done to equally show the others making the awful stuff? Anyway, it’s super late, tired, maybe not making sense.

If I was a little hard about mainly focusing on Pfizer, I apologize if you are trying to show the others too. Just hoping ALL get exposed, or it’s for nothing...

I have lost people do to this nightmare, lastly my grandchild to be. Am so scared for my kids and the rest of my grandkids and other family and friends...

And worried about what the WHO is up to...

They are trying to take total control all over the world. It’s almost like there really ARE NO real Countries anymore, so it doesn’t seem far fetched that Pfizer would meld with the State. I know my ex church (cult) is working as a NGO trying to coerce all the members into getting the shots, has almost gotten like maybe 3/4ths to get it! It turns out they have also all these HEDGE FUNDS in each of the Pharmaceutical Companies participating even GILEAD! So there already is a marriage happening of Church and State, Klaus Schwab even said so...The last address I saw him do, in a clip, it said something like WORLD GOVERNMENT , or something denoting that we no longer even really have states...I just hope I’m wrong...

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The glaring thing that I cannot get out of my mind is the fact that Pfizer was NOT THE ONLY “VACCINE ROLLOUT” THAT HAS KILLED SO MANY PEOPLE THAT I CANNOT EVEN ATTEMPT TO COUNT, and yet all I hear is “PFIZER PFIZER PFIZER” in regards to the “Vaccines” and like NOT A PEEP ABOUT MODERNA OR THE OTHERS! Meanwhile, America’s babies 6 months and up, are being given the MODERNA ones last I heard, and, again, SILENCE! We know Bill Gates has been buying up our farmland, pushing fake meat, pushing Carbon Credits, is already doing Geoengineering, Blotting out the sun is, like next in his agenda, and we know he has GAVI. BILL AND MELINDA GATES FOUNDATION and others, and practically single handed in financing the W.H.O. (which also is trying to take TOTAL CONTROL OF ALL OF THE WORLD’S HEALTH, calling it “ONE HEALTH” in which the AMENDMENTS are being met on, non elected people deciding on editing the AMENDMENTS) and it appears as if they want to TAKE AWAY ALL HUMAN RIGHTS, and it appears to downgrade us, treating us like animals!

I guess if Pfizer disappears then we will stay in this loop of other “Safe Vaccines” picking people off...(until unitedly they are looked at and fought in court.

Anything that doesn’t accomplish the goal could end up being a waste of time, maybe being itself a PSYOP, because we run in circles instead of REALLY fixing the goal of fixing the issues. What are the issues? IN THIS CASE THEY ARE PREVENTING HARM & DEATH WORLDWIDE BY FOCUSING ON EACH ONE DOING IT. PFIZER IS JUST ONE OF MANY...

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Thank you Karen. This war is as much spiritual as it is natural and the devil is not stupid. We must not be naïve but "wise a serpents and gentle as doves".

I thank the Lord for the nudge I get that tells me to be wary of some people, of all the wonderful gifts He has for us I think at this point in time we need discernment the most.

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Trump opened the door for Americans to take back their country legally. ALL of America owes Karen Kingsten recognition and gratitude for doing her important part with her skills when God and history chose her to stand up. I can't say how grateful I am.

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