I regularly speak at our borough meetings and at school board meetings. I will be sure to pass this information on to them and at my church. I'm also calling all my government representatives. Please share also on all social media platforms and in your posts. Time to make our voices heard loud and clear. God Bless you Karen Kingston.

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This might wake some people up that don't believe me when I say that you and who you vote for is being injected in everything and everyone for the internet of bodies or Homo Borg Genius. It's NEVER BEEN ABOUT YOUR HEALTH!!!





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"Possible adverse event outcomes" . . . "VACCINE ENHANCED DISEASE"

Shout from the highest mountaintops, Ma'am.

And keep shouting until they can't help but hear you!

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Dec 7, 2022Liked by Karen Kingston

"In other words, Pfizer’s COVID-19 mRNA vaccines cause COVID-19." Can one not, then, legitimately assert (if not conclude outright) that the disease called COVID-19 is in fact spike protein pathology, i.e. that the disease is and has always been Spike Protein Disease, the far worse form deriving from the injections beyond what may have been circulating through whatever means prior to the roll out of the injectable bioweapon??? We know the PCR tests were part of the ruse, thus those that developed disease but were "negative" on PCR results, essentially proved the PCR test was worthless at best the entire time. What virus????? :o

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As the until recently unknown to me, grandson of 1 of the men who ran JFK'S winning presidential election campaign, I have a feeling that I have been doing exactly what all people should be doing . File a lawsuit or at least work with others who are trying to help save the humans race from our own "government" . This is exactly why JFK was killed . He was trying to save you.

This is one of my cases PDF link below, but from the last page 1st, so please scroll down to 175 to start at the beginning.


Land of the Free

Home of the

B iological

R ights

A bove

V accine

E nslavement


My other case filed Nov 1-22 in Wyoming for elderly abuse on my mom and all mom's is being refused by the "clerk" of the 7th district in Wyoming.

Writ of mandamus sent Friday.

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Dec 3, 2022Liked by Karen Kingston

Karen, the point you made "It is scientifically and clinically IMPOSSIBLE for Pfizer’s FDA-approved mRNA vaccines TO PROVIDE ANY PROTECTION AGAINST SARS-CoV-2 infection, or any coronavirus, including ‘VARIANTS’." And the statements they themselves made that back up that conclusion needs to be hammered home relentlessly and as loudly as possible. Thank you for your tireless pursuit of the truth!

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Dec 2, 2022Liked by Karen Kingston

RE: The matter of "clinical trails" (Tip: resembles "election integrity") https://iconnectfx.com/view/a6f878bb-506d-ed11-996b-0050568299de/en

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Dec 1, 2022·edited Dec 1, 2022

Karen, Let let me get this straight Big pharma(meaning in the greek from KJV Greek: φαρμακεία

Transliteration: pharmakeia

Pronunciation: far-mak-i'-ah

medication (pharmacy) that is (by extension) magic (literal or figurative): - sorcery witchcraft. They have a problem with you. LOL. I don't know how you spent so many years with these magicians and sorcerers without losing your mind.

John Caleo

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A quick read through this article - describing therapeutic mechanisms of action (among which is disrupting the incorporation of viral genetic info into nuclear DNA) shows a MAJOR REASON Ivermectin infomration was brutally suppressed: https://www.frontiersin.org/articles/10.3389/fimmu.2021.663586/full

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Nov 30, 2022·edited Nov 30, 2022Liked by Karen Kingston

Where are the lawyers ? Without prosecution for fraud, malfeasance and murder it's just a he said/she said --- lawyers are too Lilly livered to take them on in case they get disbarred which helps Pfizer and the fda get off the hook

Just as Ms Kingston has been and continues to educate all of us without a prosecutor its almost been done for nothing - these crimes now well documented courtesy of Ms Kingston are almost only for us to see and be aware of

Is a prosecutor that's prepared to put it all on the line going to step forward ?

Thank you very much for sharing and may God bless you Ms Kingston

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Karen.... On the issue of multiple MAC addresses - If PCR swabs and vaccines are embedding the MAC address, it stands to reason that multiple PCR tests and/or multiple vaccine injections will result in multiple MAC addresses. This feature could be a strategy to count the number of "encounters" with either PCR deep nasal swab, Vaccines or a combination of both. The number of MAC numbers could be used to determine if the "person" was up-to-date on an array of vaccines including the FLU shot and others. Use your imagination.

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Nov 30, 2022Liked by Karen Kingston

Karen, I am so glad you were finally "heard" by Dr. Ana Mihaelcia on Maria Zee show. The roundtable you were in with Reiner was frustrating because, to put it simply, you have THE knowledge and truth based on the criminals own documents and patents. Your voice MUST be heard!!! If I were Reiner, you'd be my main person in charge of the covid crimes. Why is it that it's so difficult for people to understand this. Everybody is speculating when there's no need for speculation! Don't ever stop what you're doing, Karen, because we need you💚💚💚 We love you 💚💚💚

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My beautiful beloved niece , passed away at 28 yrs of age. She was a HS athlete, college graduate and owner of her own medical masseuse practice . I'm unsure if she was coerced, encouraged or mandated to get the injection . She was diagnosed with an extremely rare adrenal cancer Jan 22, stage 4 . Married her college sweetheart the first week of February before being put on yet another gene'therapy' to attempt to bring remission. Several hospitalizations due to 'blood clots ' and severe side effects over the next few months. Sent home on hospice care in mid Sept and passed away Oct 1st. Our family is heartbroken... I'm enraged some days full of despair on others . Ready to join with anyone to stop this medical murder , so help me God.

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Nov 30, 2022·edited Nov 30, 2022

NOVAVAX got approval very late, by CDC around July 2022, what is the date on the patent you discovered?

Also how can I look up patents, what is the URL where one can type in the Patent ID and pull up the patent?

Anyway see https://www.bmj.com/content/372/bmj.n743 for a non-deceptive explanation of the Russian Vaccines, that is how 'traditional' vaccines work. BMJ is the only Medical Journal that tells the truth at least sometimes.

Sputnik V takes a part of the alleged Covid-19 virus (aka protein subunit) and combine it with one kind of the common cold viruses (aka adenovirus). The selected cold virus is expected to sneak around the immune system and attacks your cells. The immune system recognizes it as a foreign body which prompts the body to make an immune response to it.

Basically the lymphocytes (white blood cells) kill the invading virus by eating it up *and* by storing its image in its memory bank of known enemies, hopefully an image of the snip, the Covid-19 protein subunit, and not just of the carrier cold virus. That's the purpose of the vaccine to teach it to recognize the Covid-19 virus as an enemy.

Novavax has a clear explanation at


I'm against vaccines in general and had never taken one, my personal interest in Novavax is that I need to travel by air plus Sputnik V, Sinovac etc. are not authorized in the US.

So I read up about Novavax and took the plunge just a month ago ago and got the 2 doses, at of all places, Costco warehouse in Richmond CA which has a tiny pharmacy at the back. So far so good, I hardly felt it. Anyway I have supplies of Ivermectin and Azithromycin (antibiotic) on hand.

Karen keep up the good work!

I believe the original bio-weapon is the Covid-19 vaccine itself! It is now widely acknowledged that the natural virus has been modified i.e. militarized to kill humans aka 'Gain of Function' was done. By whom? I think by the US and globalist partners to attack China and to kill off old people.

Looks like they are trying again to infect China with a better bio-weapon a more virulent Covid-19!

That is why China is imposing such 'fascist' lockdowns which are now widely criticized in Western mainstream media.

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May God bless and heal you from your biological weapon attack.🙏🙏🙏

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Karen, I am confused. Is Covid 19 a virus or not? In this article, Covid 19 is referred to as a virus. But in other articles, it stated Covid 19 is not a actual virus but an AI parasite. If it is not a virus, then there should not be any spike protein. So all the injuries by Covid and the vaccine are not caused by the spike protein?

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