David Icke said something like...when you stop caring what other people think about you, you release yourself from the biggest prison. We can either honor and uphold our personal standards of integrity or betray our own sense of truth, which will never feel good or lead to a happy life. Censoring ourselves, complying with what we know is wrong, and dimming our own light to be accepted is how those in power stay there. We undermine ourselves. I tell myself, the limited thinking and biases of other people does not create a deficiency in me. I will not cower in the face of other people's ignorance and fear. The world needs people like Karen and all of us to claim our divine authority and stand in our light.

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It’s frustrating to see so many highly intelligent people completely miss the boat on the trials that we now face - I always come back to 2nd Thessalonians 2:10-12, where it talks about how many will be deceived in the end times because they received not the love of the truth, so God sent them strong delusion….I pray that If they could only decide to follow the truth, wherever it may lead, then God may remove the scales from their eyes, so to speak.

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Karen, I think that you should reach out to Dr. Jane Ruby & Sasha Latapova to find some common ground here. The George Webb interview is very eye opening to me. Some of the folks in this movement are controlled opposition, but other people just has a different views on things that may or may not be up to speed with your views yet.

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You are a force to be reckoned with 😄 I love how in this video you go into full blown domination scorched earth mode 😂


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Awesomeness Spiritual blessing to all. Amen

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Dark triad narcissist rage.

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Beautiful. I think you may be inspired from my writing, which is similar to yours in spiritual terms:


You can have the whole world if you simply ignore or reject the truth. Don't search for it. Scapegoat those who do. Allow your cognitive dissonance to make you immune to any facts outside the narrative that you've embraced as your God. You can do that. And when you do it, when you place truth under some other value, desire, and priority, you certainly can “get away with it.” Indeed, you immediately feel that you are part of the group “who knows,” and you feel oh so morally superior, holy even, because compared to this other group, these conspiracy theorists, these selfish people, these irresponsible threats to public health, these domestic terrorists, these far-right extremists, compared to them, if anybody is evil, it's them, not you, never you. You’ve found salvation. You also get a lot of pats on the back, financial rewards, career rewards, social and political and legal privileges. You really feel like you're a good person. All you have to do for these prizes to be yours is just not care if what you now believe and think is actually true and what you are now doing is actually good. Just don’t care if any of these flattering judgments that people are making about you, and that you're making about yourself, are actually in accordance with the reality of your soul. And there’s no one to catch you out for lying to others or yourself, is there? Who's going to judge you? For those who would and could judge you, the “truthers,” you've already excluded from your consciousness. They don't have a voice. They don’t really exist. And if Biden has his way, communicated to us recently in his 1984 Emmanuel Goldstein = MAGA speech, they will literally not exist.

Or do you recognize that you're just not allowed to behave this way, even if, in this life anyway, you’ll never “get caught”? Do you see that you're never allowed to put anything above the truth? And do you accept this absolute law of creaturehood and obey it always? This is the Divine Judgment that God is now making through this global counterfeit, this religious counterfeit that mocks and yet imitates the Christian religion, the Catholic religion. It has doctrine, a priesthood, a gospel, sacramentals, sacraments. The mask is a sign of your religious observance and membership. The poison injection is the Eucharist. You've got your Church, the mystical body of the vaccinated and virtue-signalers (Ukraine and climate change are the latest signals), and you have your enemy. You are the sheep, and the far-right unvaccinated conspiracy theorists, Russia-lovers, etc., are the goats. Social distancing, of course, is the liturgy, but they are revising that one, and we’ll have new ones soon. Ukraine, climate change, social credit, digitized currency—the Great Reset is the new Christendom.

To be a full member of this new religion, you just have to not really care whether it's true. That makes you a true believer. Maybe you know it's all a lie, but you hate the truth so much that you would rather live a lie. That's the judgment. That's the judgment that is being made right now on your soul. And in the Final Judgment, it really is going to be all about whether or not you've lived your life putting truth first, accepting your creaturely status as obligated to be in reality as much as you can. He is reality and we were created to live in Him now and for eternity. And that reality is beautiful beyond comprehension. It's love, it's truth, it's eternity, it's fruitful and joyful and deep relationship, it's endless generosity, adventure, excitement, mercy, happiness, joy, bliss, glory—it's all those things and much more than any words could describe. But it's also the cross because that's reality too. Jesus showed us that. And the cross is the way, the only way, to ultimate reality. The plandemic and all that will follow it in the apocalyptic future is a fake cross. We’ve been forced to do a fake penance to prepare for the fake Easter of the vaccine and a fake eternity of transhumanistic, collectivist immortality.

If you live a life averse to truth now in your little daily decisions, when your personal judgment comes at the moment after your death, you're going to be in danger of being confirmed in a habitual hatred and indifference to truth. What will you choose in your last moment? If you choose against God, you'll have to live without truth for all eternity, living in utter unreality all alone, for reality is loving relationship with others, especially God. Living forever in unreality means living isolated, alone, trapped in your own self-consciousness. But at least you can say you're right.

Let us think of the four last things frequently and carefully in our prayer and in our daily life. Death, judgment, heaven and hell. And remember that all this evil we are now experiencing is meant by God as a spiritual trial, because he loves us so much. If we won't embrace Him for his goodness and truth, maybe we'll run to Him as he shows us what the alternative to truth really is. And that's what we're experiencing in this nightmare, what it is to be without truth, without God, without his magnificent authority, merciful power, and loving presence. He’s waiting for all of us to cry out to Him, and then he’ll end the nightmare.

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Thanks for your exceptional work in raising the red flags. I saw this short video on the Mrna--and it's ability to change God's DNA . Well presented. http://www.voterig.com/divine%20image%20destroyed%20sm.mp4

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Great thoughts Karen!

You asked why did churches participate! The reason why churches were compromised in Australia is because they accept government funding for church schools, hospitals etc. not sure what it’s like over in the USA.

Hence all religious institutions had to make a decision do we stand against the government and lose funding, I didn’t see any brave enough to do so.

Hence the separation of church and state is essential.

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Thanks Karen. As an aside, there are lots of missing things because the app isn’t supporting “pullquotes”.

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And also, remember this...I will make a prediction here. So let's see if it comes true: This bioweapon info is about to come blasting out into the mainstream within the first half of 2023 I believe. Clif High thinks this will happen in the next month or two if I heard him correctly. So will people like Stew Peters and you be honored and recognized for your hard work and amazingness at that time? No. Why? Because the powers that be will always want to CONTROL the narrative. Soon it will become "cool" for Dr. Drew and other idiots to start talking about the stuff you and the Stew Crew were shouting from the rooftops from the beginning. And when that day comes...your followers will bail out and go to where the "cool" people are. Why? Because that is how the masses behave. Will these mainstream media people mention you and Stew and others and give you guys your due credit? Did The Epoch Times give Dr. Jane Ruby her due credit when they started talking about the long white fibrous clots? You honorable heroes will be used by the masses and then discarded when it becomes cool to go elsewhere. The most amazing truth tellers of this time will only be remembered and receive their due recognition and appreciation from the best of humanity. And that is a very small percentage of people. The rest of humanity will find ways to smear and discard you guys when that time comes. I hope you remember this when the time comes that you feel you have gone as far as you are willing to go for an undeserving population. Remember there will always be people out there somewhere who will remember what you guys did for humanity :) Lol and the funny thing is I think you are going to find that this honor and recognition will not come from the Conservative movement that you would like it to come from. It will come from the Libertarians like me :) It is amongst us non believer freedom loving rag tag motely crew types that you will find your greatest support. Irony can be a funny thing :) So let's see if I am right. Time will tell and I don't think we have long to wait :)

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Loved your words. Punishing Pfizer would be great, but let’s stop the bioweapons first. Pfizer and people in charge would LOVE to see a trial go on & on & on, while they keep pumping out the countermeasures, and killing more innocent people. We need to think bigger and broader & work on developing a plan to crush the New World Tyrants. Next pandemic is in the works I’m sure. Right around the corner. People need to prepare & not comply. Let’s work at not letting them divide us but gather our strength , through Jesus Christ & push back hard. Democracy is not gone & it can prevail without corruption. It’s their worst nightmare.

Let’s change their plans. 🇺🇸✌🏼🌈

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When people are lacking in genuine self respect and self love they will not stand up for themselves or their families. That is why, I believe, people are able to participate in evil. And when I say self love I am not talking about a narcissistic or arrogant substitute for genuine self esteem. Your actions clearly show you have enough self respect and self love to stand up for yourself and those you love. As time passes and as people are motivated to turn against the truth tellers for one reason or another, you will see at that time that those of us that are still standing by your side are those with enough self love and self respect to do so. Don't expect to see very many of us standing with you at that day. There are few of us. This world is lacking in genuine self esteem.

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Jan 16Liked by Karen Kingston

Thank you for this insightful and inspiring article. People were created in the beginning to submit to the authority of God; to love him, to glorify him, and to live in harmony with him. People are hard-wired to live in submission to authority. If people reject God's authority they will consequentially submit to the authority of Satan and those under his control. We must all "choose this day whom you will serve" whether it will be the Lord or the false gods of evil. Joshua 24:15. As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.

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Karen, we are reaping the results of an overly permissible society. Notice I didn't say "benefits".

We allowed government to rule, not God to guide. Thus, we became a ship without a rudder in a vast and angry ocean.

At one time, we had a school dress code, proudly stood to recite the Pledge of Allegiance and respectfully prayed the Our Father to God every morning in both public and parochial schools.

Personally, I was way more comfortable giving up panty hose and dresses for dress slacks but then we suddenly toppled into a downward spiral of jeans, tie dye shirts, burning bras, free sex and drugs to proudly show our liberated freedoms -- ugh -- our demons.

Everyone participated in evil to some degree.

We turned a blind eye to the poor and hungry both here in the USA and across the globe. Governments that killed in secret or invented lies for endless wars in other nations now kill openly on our own shores. Those who hate us will revel in our demise. But, wait.!!!

Many of us have forgotten that we serve a Mighty God. I'm not putting all the heavy lifting on Him. GOD IS NOT OUR SERVANT.

We have to pull together, fight together, rebuild together. And that is exactly what we're doing.

Make no mistake. Do not believe the lies. We have a lot of work ahead of us.


"And ye shall serve the Lord your God, and He shall bless thy bread, and thy water; and I will take sickness away from the midst of thee." Exodus 23:25

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More specifically, well-meaning people allow themselves to be deceived.

(In this comment, I'm excluding people who knew better, as well as children (who are innocent in all this), as well as people with no capacity to know better (such as those with learning disabilities).

So, what is it that makes well-meaning people agree to participate in evil, (and to possibly do so unknowingly)?

Well, let's go back to Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden.

They were well-meaning.

God had told them not to eat from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil.

Then, the serpent (the Deceiver) came.

As I recall, the serpent told Eve that if she and Adam ate the forbidden fruit, they wouldn't die and be like God.

What's key here is that Eve (and Adam) knew better, because God had told them not to eat the forbidden fruit.

But--and here's another key--they let the serpent deceive them.

And that, I think, is one reason why well-meaning people agree to participate in evil (even though, like Adam and Eve, they should know better). We're too easily deceived (partially because we let ourselves be deceived).

(Of course, someone who's reading this and closely may question my use of the Eden analogy, saying that at least Adam and Eve were instructed what not to do, while well-meaning people today had no such direct instruction. To that, I'd say that most people have the faculties of intuition, critical thinking, intelligence, and some Internet access.)

Yeah, so while I won't say that our propensity toward self-deception is the only reason why we participate in evil, it is a big factor that we should look at.

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