You don't watch your own video interviews I know, but you get a ton of support from the viewers, the comments, singing with support. Except for the few I missed, we've tuned in for the majority, and reposted about half of them. I can't contribute much, but I listen closely and if the world knew what we've learned... well, they're waking up. Thanks Karen, you proved what the masses suspect is true.


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@Karen Kingston it seems that you and our lovely angel at World Council FOR Health Tess Lawrie are our walking angels on this topic, I hope you will connect with them as they are a very supportive functional group of the same purpose and I'm sure would appreciate your depths of research

... with love C


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I’m glad you see the impact of your work. I will keep sharing !

( God bless & protect our truth tellers, fighting for our humanity. In Jesus’ Holy name, Amen)

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Ms. Karen we have been watching you since you first started sounding the alarm and I have been sharing the information with others since. Thank you! With that said, the evil agenda of the Satan's minions continues on. I've been been quite outspoken online about the "grooming" of our youth within public schools. The CRT which teaches them to hate. The Rockefeller medicine which continues to poison.

Our current system, like it or not, is and will collapse. We will never be able to repay the debt owed to the international bankers, but, we can protect our children, our neighbors children; walking in the light as we do so.

My Christian friends and I have been careful to vet who we let in. I recommend that you and supporters of your work do the same because when the system crashes, people will become desperate. Just don't live in fear though----be frosty!

May the peace of our Lord Jesus be upon you.

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Great reminders and supporting documentation as well as actions to take. There is no time to rest we must forge forward no matter what appears to be futile. There is some ear opening, some eyes seeing and hope springs eternal. Those who move towards the light can’t help be a beacon of the light! Thanks Karen for all your efforts to date. You are one of God’s chosen warriors! God Bless you!

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Karen you are a hero, certainly sent for a time such as this. The Lord warned me in my spirit in March 2020 when it all started. I was talking to my family and these words came out of my mouth, "this is about way more than a virus".

At the time I didn't understand why but I knew it was bad, none of my children or grandchildren have taken the jab, thank God.

I truly thought people would soon see what was happening, especially Christians, who should know that the devil is the god of this world, but they believed every word the world told them, and as far as I know they still do, even though there has been many deaths and illnesses.

What I said to a few must have got around and one by one I've been dropped by everyone, at this point I have never been more isolated in my life. But I feel huge guilt that I've not done enough to warn more people.

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Karen, you are amazing! This is a great post to look back at how much our voices, our involvement and our courage matter! You made history! We are so blessed to have you! Hope your health is better now. You look beautiful in all your interviews!

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God bless you Karen for all you do. I like to speak at school board meetings about the fallacy of separation of church and state. About a year ago after a meeting a school board member waved me down in the parking lot. Since they were all angrily steering me down during my speech I thought he was going to yell at me to not come back. To my surprise he loved what I said and wanted my speech posted on the school board website. Yes we can make a difference in this world when it seems impossible. I pray for you Karen and all of God's people speaking the Word and the truth.

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Yes, Miss Karen Kingston, since mid-2021, has indeed been exposing the Global Gangster's Covid-19 racket! She's had many dozens of interviews, written many dozens of articles while working with producers and podcasters like Stew Peters, Maria Zeee, Greg Hunter, Jeff Dornik; while appearing on Clay Clark's Reawaken America Tour and joining expert panel discussions with Dr. Ana Maria Mihalcea, Dr. Mike Yeadon, Dr. Judy Mikovits, Dr. Peter McCullough, and renowned Attorney Reiner Fuellmich - amongst many others.

Karen's patent research largely mirrors Dr. David E. Martin's findings; Karen's biological analysis of the nano-particle Bioweapons is supported by corporate and government documents, website entries, and contracts, as well as discourses from evil experts like Dr. James Giordano. The social and cultural consequences Karen speaks to matches the research of brilliant Attorney Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. And Karen's projected outcomes of genocide and remote control of enslaved, transhuman-remnants, match the slipped-comments of swamp clinging billionaires like Bill Gates and the clever phrases of true psychopaths like Klaus Schwab and his bizarre little puppet, Noah Yuval Harari.

And Miss Karen has been largely CORRECT - right down the line.

And her work also matches my thesis work when I labored for my masters on the subject of globalization - while still on active duty.

Miss Karen has indeed made a tremendous, positive difference by encouraging vaccine removal in Florida, stopping her son's school-subdistrict from enacting their vaccine program, and by encouraging other experts and the citizenry to resist evil through prayer, peaceful protest, fund-raising, and proper resistance.This is why I support Miss Karen.

Karen Kingston stands in the dragon's path with the Rock of Ages, and she speaks truth to dark powers; victory will come to Miss Karen and to her supporters.😊

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Karen, thanks for all you do for us!!! I am doing my part plus plus, and I am in peoples faces, respectfully of course, asking them why they know what they know and don’t help. I send letters and emails and calls begging them to give 5 hours a month, send action items when an event is going on etc., nothing. I’m absolutely beside myself. Any ideas welcomed, I’ll try anything.

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