Regarding your "The $3 Trillion SubStack on How to Destroy Pfizer in Court"

“fraud vitiates everything which it touches, and destroys the very thing which it was devised to support; the law does not temporize with trickery or duplicity.” Cohen v. Cohen, 1 A.D.2d 586, 589 (N.Y. App. Div. 1956)

Since existence is the condition precedent to every possible predicate in the universe, the terms of the DOD/Pfizer contracts are irrelevant if they're rendered non-existent by catching the CDC and FDA committing lethal fraud on the public from the inception.

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Thank you for your clarity! I hope that I can revise/tweak this for our outreach effort tomorrow, in Santa Clara County, to terminate their efforts to promote these dangerous injections. We plan to address the County Board of Supervisors.

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Dear Karen, is there a pdf file of the letter? We like to sendt a true copy by registered post to the Minister.



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Quick question from a non-subscriber regarding your Lab Leak post today.

If the virus wasn't "ten times more lethal than seasonal flu" and there was never ANY evidence it spread asymptomatically,--i.e., it had the lethality of a severe seasonal influenza and spread just like any other--then what's the point of arguing whether it came from a lab?

Answer: Because the lab leak narrative works the same way masking mandates do: They sustain the illusion that the virus is as real and dangerous as they've been representing to get their needles into the arms of the masses.

Thus the reason nearly everything we’ve been told about COVID-19 has failed to square with objective fact or standard medical practice. Ultimately, it’s an amalgam of false metrics, models and narratives—geared towards fraudulently inflating the 1) Prevalence and 2) Fatality Rate of a severe seasonal influenza virus to create the illusion of a deadly pandemic.

The end goal was getting everything you've been writing about into the arms of the masses.

COVID-19 is first and foremost an information operation.

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LEE COUNTY GOP VOTES to PASS "STOP THE JAB" RESOLUTION" and send to DeSantis - To stop the high rates of documented deaths and injuries from the mRNA Bioweapon, Dr. Sansone's resolution recommends that DeSantis stop the vaccinations, confiscate the vials and direct the Florida DoJ to perform a forensic audit of the mRNA vaccine vials. - https://tinyurl.com/3tcfc9jt

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Add to this:

Call their official surety bonds so they won’t have insurance for their actions. They will be personally liable. https://bondsforthewin.com/

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Karen Kingston I'm not sure how I connected with your site but your articles a really good!!!

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Thank you for your commitment, and congratulations!

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How do we find out if our county is accepting funds for a purpose such as Collier County’s educational material? If my county is not accepting funds, but ignorantly pushing the vaccine would I just remove info in the letter regarding funds? I definitely want to take this to my grand daughter’s pediatrician who fired her as a patient because my son won’t “vaccinate” her. She’s 1 year old.

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I’m in nearby Lee county. Thank you & in my prayers. God bless you for standing up for humanity. I’m so excited & hopeful . Sharing.

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Thank you for all that you are doing for humanity. I have a question, I looked up Pennsylvania code 2716 - Weapons of Mass Destruction - please see excerpt below. There seems to be a qualifier "without lawful authority to do so" throughout the statute. What does that mean?

§ 2716. Weapons of mass destruction.

(a) Unlawful possession or manufacture.--A person commits an

offense if the person, without lawful authority to do so,

intentionally, knowingly or recklessly possesses or manufactures

a weapon of mass destruction.

(b) Use.--A person commits an offense if the person, without

lawful authority to do so, intentionally, knowingly or

recklessly sells, purchases, transports or causes another to

transport, delivers or causes to be delivered or uses a weapon

of mass destruction and if such action causes any of the


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WOW! If ever there were a hero, that would be KK. I've given up on humanity and any chance of pulling out of this abyss. This seems like a glimmer of hope. I still don't see how, when every power center and virtually every powerful person has been enthusiastically pushing the insanity and attacking anyone who objects, they can be expected to hold themselves to account. Maybe if just pharma is prosecuted that can work. All the politicians, educators, media, employers, and the rest can blame them. Although as KK's letter makes clear, that's disingenuous. Heck, even DeSantis pushed the jabs for a good while. My wife and I, despite being 72 and 67, never considered submitting. It was an obvious scam by about March 2020, by the the time the jabs came out things were even more clear. I am amazed that so many seemingly intelligent people got jabbed, voluntarily. Even those with inside knowledge of the system, like Malone and Malhotra, for example. Seriously, I don't understand. How can you seem smart and be so stupid? We didn't know everything then we know now, but the risk/benefit was never a close call for reasonably healthy people of any age.

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Thank you so much for your hard work!! I am a bit disgusted today. I just listened to Dr. Peter McCullough on Man in America and he had the audacity to say that he couldn’t believe that they are mandating vaccines to healthy children, when theoretically it would be more benefit to elderly in nursing homes. WTF. Does he not know he is not helping when he kowtows to their stupid narrative that it is any good for anybody??? He refuses to address it as a bio weapon. Then he goes onto say the public doesn’t care enough that they are being injured by the “vaccine” to do something about it. Well maybe if he would stop calling it a “vaccine” and used the word bio weapon the so called public would understand. And if he would stop saying that there is any benefit to this death shot I think that may help as well. He is becoming part of the problem. I will not trust any of the medical “professionals” ever again....

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2-14-2023: AMAZING....Karen Kingston Presentation to Florida's Collier County Commission on Covid-19 Vaccine Bioweapon - https://tinyurl.com/5aet5923

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Does that mean you will come here?? Please tell me it does 😂😂😂

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Although it took a long time for her to get back to me...Commissioner Chair Amelia Powers Gardner emailed me today and would like to speak to you regarding what can be done in Utah County :)


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