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Land of the Free

Home of the

B iological

R ights

A bove

V accine

E nslavement


I love you Karen Kingston.

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I remember watching that video like it was yesterday :) Of all the KK videos I have seen that one is my favorite :) Its a moment in history that will forever be printed on the hearts and minds of those who survive WW3. Its a moment filled with the spirit of heroism and courage :)

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You were sent by God. Thank you. I live in Salem Oregon and I will make the calls tomorrow and write letters to all leadership in my area here in the Willamette Valley. Again, Thank you.

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Towards the end of winter I'm thinking about returning to my beautiful Golden State homeland to visit my most favorite and magical oceanside places 😊 Wanna meet up at a beautiful beach in the OC before I continue north on my journey KK? 😊🌴 🌴 🌊🌊

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Karen, first, I'm in hopes you're security has been set in place. Second, you're an angel of truth and I offer my adoration, as do all parents, as meager as it may seem. I share your info daily. Thank you for fighting back. As soon as I understand it, I will take your evidence locally. Here we go!

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My daily prayers shall include not only a Blessing request for your Calling to strengthen in the awakening of the Herd from their slumber...but more importantly a prayer for a Strong and Continued Veil of Protection for you. I have not met you but the energy that surrounds you radiates thru the screen when I watch your interviews. This will take all of us...Bless You.

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Please forgive me, I just remembered a video, which I watched again today after 2 years, and it helped me connect some dots.

Thus I wanted to make you aware of Mrs Celeste Solum, although you probably know of her. I believe people like you, dr Ardis, Mr Stew Peters and others, discussing with Mrs Solum would greatly benefit the discoveries you're showing about the COVID injections and would greatly benefit humanity in general.

Hope you'll find the below a useful summary that I created (as a non-specialist layman) in order to help you assess if this video is something worth your time, I think it clicks perfectly with your revelations.

Kind regards,



Do you know of a Mrs Celeste Solum, ex FEMA employee and with many scientific degrees and knowledge of the military complex etc ? She basically seems to me to have predicted and / or revealed what she discovered (perhaps the whole plan of COVID and COVID vaccines) ever since Nov 2020, ie. before the vaccines even came out.

Did you ever wonder why they're using luciferase in the vaccines? This gives the answer below, starting at minute 50:20

How did she know about hydrogel and about them wanting to give you multiple doses of the vaccine back in November 2020 before they even came out?

How did she know the vaccines would cause blood clotting before the vaccines came out?

if she's not part of this scheme, which I doubt she is, then she genuinely read the scientific and military and WEF etc documents and was just describing the plans revealed through those documents, as she claimed in the video, and that means she's telling the truth and a fuller picture of the whole story behind COVID and may be of help to you answering some open questions as well.



You probably want to start by glancing at the contents starting 50 minute, 20 sec into it (50:20) summarized below.

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Please tell me we are working on this too!! If I could do it. I would.


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We are under foreign occupation! Wake the hell up sheeple!

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Fantastic work! Thank you, Karen Kingston!

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I cannot find the patent when I search at USPT. Where can I find the patent numbers you have screen shots of and other numbers that Dr. David Martin has given? Thank you.

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I’m Carpenter by trade and info Gobbler since 2019

I get the grasp of almost everything you say as write.

The part I think we all struggle to achieve is breaking the chains of the financial systems we all have on. If we organize to break those we can win. America needs to protest bigger than Brazil, for that we all need to stop working at our jobs. How we manage protest time is what we need.

Thank You and Please Continue

I will be contacting as many as I can

God Bless You 🙏

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Hi and thank you for speaking the TRUTH. However, I have 1 question that is Why are we calling this thing Covid 19 when it has never been isolated and purified? In my mind by doing so it gives credence to a thing that don't exist. Thank you for your response its much appreciated

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