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Howdy folks! Hey, Dr. Lee Merritt gives Karen a strong endorsement here, and sort of shares the stage with Karen in this video. Dr. Merritt discounts mRNA in favor of biosynthetic parasitic Bioweapons, and adds a unique way to take anti-parasitic treatment:


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This is Miss Karen's recent interview with Mr Greg Hunter. And it is a real eye opener on the attack on humanity to destroy us or convert us to biosynthetic slaves. Karen at her lovely and brilliant best:


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Thank you very much for sharing.

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Apparently, various corporate officers and board members, especially at Pfizer, but also Moderna, J&J, Astra Zeneca, Eco Health, and various bureaucrats at the WHO/UN, CCP, EMA, HHS, DARPA, DOD, NIH, CDC, Congress, the Whitehouse, and their administrative suckups, are carrying out a long planned operation to utterly annihilate humanity with nanotech Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars. Cooper was right.

And they're getting away with it all, despite Karen's efforts at exposing the crime. Many of us have been trying as well, but authorities ignore us. Still, we pray for peace.

But prepare for war. Defend yourself and your loved ones.

The tyranny is here.

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Hey, folks, Trump finally spoke out a bit on children's health, even suggesting a serious look at Big Pharma. Check it out, let's explore views:


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Hey all,

Just FYI, ALL CAPS are for emphasis, not yelling!

FWIW, what follows is a few of the dots as I have connected them through my own research. Above all else, I am a seeker of truth - not some variation of what could be argued - but absolute truth. What I present here is provided as a resource for further research for those who have interest:

I watched an interview recently - I believe with Mike Adams (Health Ranger, Brighton, etc.) - where a woman (can't think of her name - if you research, you'll find out) was presenting convincing information that the whole "Jab" and related gyrations were not the result of standard business practices, in which liability could be laid to some greater or lesser degree against a company or it's employees, agents, etc.

According to this woman, the "virus" was a "bioweapon" that was being used as a weapon in a militaristic nature against the USA (and perhaps the rest of the world). The premise was that in a war-time attack, the US military could take the necessary steps (actions) to COUNTER the attack from an enemy.

IF this is true, then irrespective of what evidence there is about foul play involving Big Pharma, tech companies, FDA, CDC, etc., etc., it is all moot, as the military was simply doing what it is authorized to do - provide "counter-measures."

IF this is accurate, then it certainly removes the current situation and the ability to litigate it from the standard legal practices into one involving the military legalities and whether or not the military had any type of authorization, immunity to outcome, etc. Typically, the military has great latitude in protecting the interests of the USA, and not necessarily individual citizens.

Another aspect you need to consider is the authority of the government and all its entities - alphabet and otherwise - in context of our current world situation. There are many brilliant minds who would tell you that the "CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA" is not the "Constitution of the United States of America" and that the former in all CAPS is actually a FEDERAL corporation. The original Constitution (both Caps and lower case letters) is the "organic" constitution from the revolutionary war times, that actually guaranteed our rights once upon a time. You can see the argument by simply doing an internet search for "United States is a Corporation" or something similar. This belief is also grounded in "28 U.S. Code § 3002 - Definitions" which can be accessed on the internet (https://www.law.cornell.edu/uscode/text/28/3002). Pay close attention to section 15 for the definition.

When you consider the USA as a Federal Corporation, then you can begin to understand why the Jan 6th prosecution of reasonably calm people was allowed, in spite of the public outcry against the excessively heavy handed prosecution of those people. You have to remember that the Feds have jurisdiction over the District of Columbia, and under the "color of law" they project that authority over the entire CORPORATE entity that is the USA.

All corporations have a president, vice president, a hierarchy of managers, accountants, board of directors, etc., all of which you should be able to identify within the hierarchy of the Fed. At the bottom of the food chain, as it has always been throughout history, are the worker bees, surfs, peasants, whatever you want to call them... that's you and I. We have zero recourse, but to file a grievance or claim some sort of discrimination or similar workplace claims. The only difference between us and the surfs of the past is that we actually BELIEVE things are different... but any differences exist only in our minds!

It is interesting how many times throughout history the things we are experiencing now have happened repeatedly. Additionally, we have been warned and warned and warned... if you give up your freedom for what you believe is a little bit of security, you will deserve neither and lose both. That is the deception that has been pulled over our eyes, minds, property, and even your very lives and the lives of our family and friends. There is nothing worse than being a slave and believing you're free!

We are literally living in a situation where the people who CONTROL us (yes, they literally control you - you are enslaved) are ACTIVELY plotting and implementing our demise. It is like living in a combination of "The Matrix" (Keanu Reeves) and "The Truman Show" (Jim Carey). 90% of the humanoids on the earth are demonic entities or useful idiots. The sooner you figure that out, the sooner you will be able to make sense of what's happening to you, and why.

I have been studying and researching all of these "end-time" events for the past 50+ years (yes, I'm quite old), so I see the world through the lens of end-times prophecy, which always turns out to be true, and always comes to pass... and our day is no different.

When His disciples asked Messiah about His return (second coming) he answered by telling them that prior to that time (our day), that the world would be so deceived that IF IT WERE POSSIBLE, even the VERY ELECT would be deceived. If the VERY ELECT (think Moses, Elijah, John the Baptist, etc.) could be deceived then what do you think the chances that you and the rest of the world are not?!

Therein lies the ultimate problem - the world is deceived and believes this is a battle between the globalists and the free people of the first world countries. It is ABSOLUTELY NOT about the rulers and those who are ruled! The battle IS ENTIRELY about good versus evil - it's the battle between God and His people verses Satan and his demonic entities. And unfortunately, if you believe TRADITIONAL CHRISTIANITY, you will be deceived even further... because traditional christianity is also about someone ruling over you - spiritually.

Just think back on history... the inquisition... how many people were killed because they wouldn't confess what their religious rulers wanted them to. The innocents were slaughtered by their "religious rulers!" And you may think that was a thing of the past, well guess again... they can't kill you physically, so they threaten to destroy your soul. Most people of great faith would rather be killed physically than spiritually, so your religious rulers still practice the tactics of the inquisition, just not so much using the torture devices and techniques... but rather through torturing your mind!

Yes, the GOSPEL is true - it just that you're not being told the TRUTH OF THE GOSPEL, but rather a version that appeals to the carnal mind of humanity. The "peddlers" of religion can't get you to pay for the truth, so they have to alter it so that it tickles your ears, so you will pay for it. Religion sells, but nobody wants to hear the truth. By falling for the lies of "religion for sale," people deceive themselves into believing they will have PLAUSIBLE DENIABILITY, where they can argue to God that they shouldn't be punished or have to pay for their sins because they believed what they were taught by some "so and so leader," or preacher, or pope, or prophet, or yogi, or someone at the top of a high mountain! Sorry, but God is not that gullible!

Every aspect of your lives is being controlled by someone - you just don't realize it. Just ask those imprisoned for the Jan 6 incidents - they are imprisoned for something the BLM did many times previously and in many times of greater magnitude worse. Not only were these thugs NOT prosecuted, but many times, they were protected and assisted by the Feds... see how this works?!

You are being manipulated to retreat into a corner from which there is no escape! Your every thought is being recorded from your phone calls, texts, and social media posts (just like this) and processed through AI. The globalists know each and every one of us better than we know ourselves. Think of all your communications and all the others in the world as being one giant neural network and at the heart of it is AI, which is analyzing not only your thoughts, but your neighbor's thoughts, and everyone in your town, and your county, and your state, and all the other states, and all the other countries on the earth. Starting to see the picture?!

Until you figure out the REAL truth - the truth that will either condemn you further, or the truth that will set you free - you are simply engaging in a never-ending cycle of your mind fighting itself in attempting to defeat a battle that you're already losing... and just don't know it.

"10. And with all deceivableness of unrighteousness in them that perish; because they received not the love of the truth, that they might be saved. 11. And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie: 12. That they all might be damned who believed not the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness." ~ 2 Thessalonians 2:10-12 KJV.

Most people have never considered the preceding scripture, which clearly states that if you are not a LOVER OF THE TRUTH, it will be GOD (specifically NOT Satan) who will cause you to believe lies and be DAMNED... pretty serious consequences!

Most people are so focused on staining at a gnat that they swallow a camel. As I've stated, the deception will be so nearly perfect so as to deceive even the very elect. IF Satan and his minions can get you to keep straining at the gnats, you and the rest of the world will be feasting on camels!

Plainly speaking, the world is focused on the wrong things! You are being played, conned, deceived, and disillusioned by Satan and his minions - the globalists that rule over you! They are all simply jockeying for a place in the New World Order hierarchy structure. The end game of which, according to the gospel - and as you already believe - is your demise!

NOTE TO KAREN: Please contact me at your earliest convenience. I sent an email previously so you would have my email address.

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Thank you for everything you've done and all you do. You were truly born for this time. May God Bless and Protect you, may He provide you Support and Sustenance. Remember on the 7th day, even God rested. Covering you with an Impenetrable Shield of Protection. In God's name and All that is Good. Amen. ⚔️🛡️🙏🙏🙏

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Karen Kingston, you have been in the trenches since this whole farce began. You are doing God's work here. Everyone who has been "vax" injured, everyone who has a child or significant other that is "vax" injured should file an action against Pfizer and BNT for starters. Attorneys should be encouraged to take the case because of the information you're providing, and because they would be able to retire very wealthy with a victory (though, knowing these big harma folks, they might have to go into hiding, :)

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Yes. It is and was a large scale criminal Fraud, perpetuated and silently co-signed by hundreds of millions. Citizens continue to embrace the Corporate mafia system, which controls all aspects of their lives and futures. Payments to the company store have been ongoing, and mass delusion reigns supreme. Worthy of reading:

Silent Coup

by Matt Kennard

How Corporations overthrew Democracy, detailing the specific measures instituted around the globe that have sought to guarantee private profits for major transnational corporations at the expense of democracy — measures that have included everything from violent coups to international “free trade” agreements that are anything but free…

An interview:

Here’s Why You Don’t Live In A Democracy Anymore

June 4, 2023


Revocation of Corporate Charters is the only way to pull the driver over for careless driving...

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All that's needed now is a prosecutor with a pair, a jury and a judge that listens and will do right as per the law

Its the last bit of this that worries me as the judiciary have largely been bought off by the executive

Lets hope that a result can be reached cos reading what Ms Kingston has put together it ought to be a slam dunk prosecution even in the twisted world we're currently inhabiting

Thank you very much for sharing your thoughts Ms Kingston- may God bless you and keep you safe

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Haha I love the Bourla quote. So true.

Very disappointing to see you advertise supplements. You should disclose your financial ties if there are any while you are working journalistically.

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It's amazing to me that considering the powerful case for prosecution that Miss Kingston has assembled, it has not been fully accepted by any court to date. There should have been hundreds of class action lawsuits on these civil and criminal grounds filed by now, and some movement towards justice should have occurred. Great job Miss Karen! If only a few private lawyers, or Attorney Generals or federal prosecutors would step up!

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Ephesians 5:11 Have nothing to do with the fruitless deeds of darkness, but rather expose them.

Esther 4:14 "... And who knows if perhaps you have come to the kingdom for such a time as this?”

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And this can be added to the list as to why the WHO is not to be trusted to make ANY medical health mandates laws rules decisions esp 'vaccines' regarding anyone in the world, especially America.

WEF FDA CDC Gates Fauci Walensky Birx Bourla Baric among hundreds or thousands of others are complicit.

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So What's The Count ?

How Many Died From The Sniffles ?

And How Many Died

Because They Were Afraid Of The Sniffles ?


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The so-called "vaccines" are not vaccines, they are Experimental Gene Therapy injections. True vaccines are supposed to prevent contraction of what ever virus they are made for and the Pfizer/BioNtech Products don't prevent COVID.

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