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Karen, you mention:

"(...) pressing criminal charges against Pfizer’s employees of the mRNA R&D, mRNA clinical safety, mRNA marketing, and mRNA med-legal (regulatory) departments who broke US laws, as well Pfizer’s CEO, Albert Bourla." (sic)

Katherine Watt and Sasha Latypova have rock-solid arguments, facts and evidence that undeniably prove that the mastermind, ringleader, kingpin of the Covid-19 hyper-criminal, genocidal bioweapon manufacturing and distribution campaign is, and has been for a long time, the DoD of the USA!

Of course, Pfizer is an accomplice and just as responsible, but you should also mention the DoD.

Karen Kingston, Katherine Watt and Sasha Latypova have all done an unbelievable job and are true heroes and warriors of God - the work they have put forward is mutually reinforcing and complementary, not opposing or mutually exclusive.

All those that planned, financed and knowlingly facilitated and executed this crime must be held accountable.

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Who would have thought Vladimir Putin as the savior of mankind.

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Karen Kingston and Project Veritas got mentioned in a fast paced speech or update by a Russian military person. Video on Telegram https://t.me/deNutrientsChat/34225

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Karen...once again you are most insightful ..

You may find these interviews with Christopher James and David Hawkins very much related to this and much of the other facts you continually disclose.

Have you heard of Christopher James from Burlington Ontario which is near Toronto?

He has a broadcast every Monday and Thursday live:

BROADCAST TO OUR WORLD | Christopher James - Mon/Thurs 8pm ET

Hosted by Christopher James

Thursday, March 9 2023

8:00 PMEastern Time (US and Canada) GMT -5

Webinar room: https://event.webinarjam.com/t/click/276rqayli1zunrzh329ps7xo1s2zb3

His website is. https://awarriorcalls.com/ai-dominion-games/

Scroll down and listen to at least one episode of his interview series with David Hawkins.

Start with the last if you’d like. Episode 23

Karen….this story if you aren’t already aware of some if this, will make lose your breath

I believe David Martin knows all about it.

Christopher and David should go on the Stew Peters show and Joe Rogan.

All the best

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i watch the pharmaceutical adds on TV as i survey the NEWs 📰; they are out of good ideas or meaningful new drugs

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Gee, perhaps this is the real reason that the US is using Ukraine to destroy Russia?? But I believe Russia will win in the end because this administration is completely incompetent.

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Thanks some more. You are so on this.

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We will have to get a big scalp, like Fauci , before the rest of the bio weapon lab execs start throwing each other under the bus to save their own asses - I think Jim Jordan is starting to build up a good case, but the DOJ too corrupt to go after their co-conspirators. Maybe after people snap awake and demand justice it will happen, but we aren’t quite there yet. I wish the DOD wasn’t so wrapped up in this operation, we could push for a military tribunal, but I don’t have high expectations for those Jags…

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Sobering information we shouldn’t loose track of:

(1) Link, at the bottom of the page at site #2 below, leads to this article published in September, 2018


(2) Search words on duckduckgo: US defense bio labs in Ukraine southfront.org


(3) Search words on duckduckgo: D.U.M.B.S. that emanates from Denver, Colorado

Note: could the tunnels have, yet another function: to protect the climate sabatours?


2022-2023 weather in California may indicate increased chemical production by the climate manipulators. Perhaps https://www.geoengineeringwatch.org/ will find more about that.

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