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This makes my blood boil. I mean I knew all along Thxs to you, Karen and so many others, that this was/is all fake. But the fact that your school did this without parental permission is horrific.

They need to be held accountable for this. Makes you wonder what else your school will do without parent’s permission!

It’s so sad how we have been lead to believe this was all for the sake of health and safety (which we knew all long it wasn’t) but how the biggest part of the world’s population was so nieve to believe it is beyond me. We smelled skunk from “two weeks to flatten the curve”.

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When I tried to post part 2 , the Marshalls stopped the thred.

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I have been pissed off since this entire lie started 2 years ago. I never took a "test" social distanced or took their bio weapon. I'm a healthy 70 year old who takes her supplements everyday and I was never afraid of the flu, hence I never took a flu shot either. I heard awhile ago the PCR tests were being sent to China for our DNA which made me angry. The governments around the world have lied to everyone and the dead are piling up like cordwood, 20 million dead now I've read, and for God sakes, leave our most precious gifts from God alone.

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Over 400 PATENTS on these alone.



I CONSTANTLY try to raise awareness, although I’m met with a LOT of those in denial of anything nefarious going on at all. We NEED a lot of prayer for those that fall victim to the lies!

God Bless You!!!

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I watched your report on Stew Peters tonight, have watched for two strait years... so many arguments resonated with me from literally day one... lockdown March 11, 2020... hundreds of thoughts and several intentional movies struck me especially with the parasite requiring humans to spawn the new species, ALIEN... SPECIES... TERMINATOR... dozens... yes UNUSUAL SUSPECTS was a great analogy for “the lie telling the lie”... must reread your substack tomorrow. You’ve been a warrior Karen... thank you sincerely for all the hours you put in for us... for humanity.... we need you! 🙌💗🙌

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THANK YOU SO MUCH!! You’ve helped me identify what TRIED to take over my body! I’m unvaxxed and never took a PCR test, but dealing with all the nanotech nano wires parasites coming out my skin for a year and half (coincidentally, as you and others revealed the truth on stew peters show, it was growing under all my skin, including the hydra, I’m pretty sure) The information you share has been so so helpful in my battle. Thank you and god bless you❤️🙏🏼❤️

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As a reminder, there is no SARS-CoV-2 pathogen. Here is a folder in which you will find Freedom of Information requests sent to over 120 institutions (which is much more by now) in around 25 countries. Every single request is met with a confirmation of no SARS-CoV-2 isolate, which means that there is no observable evidence of any such virus causing any such disease. https://drive.google.com/drive/u/0/folders/1okJiB4PdWN3tiei_g67zTUfok92kuqqS?fbclid=IwAR0tbj4CNWeQ9SwJEZuaXF_RlFVV4Wn56nZt1Ejp6IDan5XzOoiMcr6ABLQ

And here's a recent video elaborating on the fact that SARS-CoV-2 has, among other "viruses" like HIV, has never been purified and isolated. Soon, I film will be launched on this.

Mary Holland interviews David Rasnick and Mike Wallach, CHD, Sep. 22, 2022 – The Viral Delusion. Tune in to “Good Morning CHD” as Mary Holland takes on the controversial subject of whether the existence of the COVID virus + other viruses, like the HIV virus – have been thoroughly proven. She brings on two guests, David Rasnick, Ph.D. and filmmaker of the series ‘The Viral Delusion’ Mike Wallach, to discuss this topic and educate viewers on the truth behind ‘public health’ and those in power who control it. Don’t miss this episode! https://live.childrenshealthdefense.org/shows/good-morning-chd/qtpO5WHxFz?utm_source=email&utm_medium=salsa&utm_campaign=CHD+TV&eType=EmailBlastContent&eId=5478f850-753e-4a34-9b18-f838cfe2f5ba

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what happened to the questions Stew asked we all wanted to hear: if you've caught the "cov" (or tested positive what does that mean:

1. if you've taken the clod shot?

2. if you've not taken the clod shot?

science is fascinating, the legal stuff interesting, but excuse me for bring this up:...

The house is on fire, right now it's burning!!! can (how do) we put the fire out FIRST? And then talk about what started it and why the sprinklers didn't work.

(Saving humanity is really your goal?? Or just talking about it like a sports commentator on the TV?)

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Hi Karen, I think if you can expand on questions similar to those I pose below it will help fill in the gaps in people's understanding. These are simply questions that pop out to me--I'm not challenging your veracity at all - I'm just trying to make sense of a few things here. I know you don't want to speculate. I understand what the patents say but this narrative that you have constructed - from the facts you have found - leaves holes that need plugging. Thank you for you work. I don't expect you to have all the answers, but what you have found seems to bring up more questions.

1. Are you saying that people who originally got sick in winter-spring of 2020 did NOT have a virus or that they DID have a virus - and it was just a regular flu type that always occurs but was blamed on "Covid 19" ? I remember it was mostly elderly people in Brooklyn in winter - spring 2020 being hit with something weird. They came into the hospital with low oxygen but they were not gasping for air as is usual. So early on, one of the first doctors I followed, a Brooklyn ER doc, Cameron Kyle-Sidell, thought they had a blood disorder - low oxygenated blood. He was giving them massive amounts of oxygen - from the ventilators - but - dialing down the forced breathing part of the machine because he saw how it damaged the patient's lungs. This to him was NOT normal for a respiratory disease/ARDS. So what did these patients have? How did they get it? Could it be that elderly people in Brooklyn were specifically targeted with a poison that the media could then publicize as Covid? These are his videos that he made at the time. He later said that the hospital he worked at demoted him for his outreach. I can't verify that. He's still on Twitter but he's pretty quiet about Covid now. If he is to be believed, then these patients had something very strange that he had never seen before. How could this be? Where did it come from? The illness in New York really sort of kicked Covid off, if I remember correctly. I have posted links to two of his videos. He only left one video up on his Youtube although he made several at the time. I found a clip of his second vid from a Majority Report podcast, but it's not posted on his personal site anymore. March 31, 2020 - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNgMagm3-NwKdfGiXp8WILg/featured April 1, 2020 - https://youtu.be/7k-Wt5o5omU?t=245

2. Do you think most of us have already gotten sprayed with or fed (in our food systems) the nano tech? If so would this mean that even those who avoided the shots still got poisoned?

3. If you think we could have been sprayed then how would this spraying take place? Like chemtrails from planes - or what? We don't seem to have chem trails where I live, fortunately. Also I cannot remember any service vehicles bringing out spraying equipment to "fumigate" the neighborhood...how would this stuff get into those of us who are uninjected? Is it in mosquitos or when they "fumigate" city parks are they really spewing nano tech that will drift to the entire city's population?

4. If it is possible to simply spray us with these toxins, as the patents indicate, then what was the reason for injecting it, of having this massive, worldwide "vaccination" campaign?

5. Do you think the videos of people suddenly turning their heads and then fighting off invisible attackers then collapsing is an experiment where they dial up a person's frequency and kill them? From the videos I have seen the victims appear to be east Asian or south Asian (so maybe these images are not coming from the USA, but rather China, S. Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, maybe even India, and so on?). It is hard to tell 100% because the security camera footage is usually grainy.

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Karen, what are the frequencies that can be used to disable the nano parasites from the vax shots?

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Karen, there's many aspects to this battle of which the ones you raise are important for sure. You have pointed out Dr. Malone's errors, but am just wondering if he's 100% all there. He took 2 shots, and I heard that he now struggles with brain fog. Having those shots, he might not have all his faculties or stamina even.

On another aspect, I heard your point you made to Mike Adams about 'believability'. For instance, parents routinely will not believe their children even as they become adults to the degree they might believe a TV doctor. So Malone for example is the TV doctor, the minor celebrity. People tend to believe celebrities, but others are more fact based. The celebrities though eventually follow the facts, eventually.

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Do we know which frequencies disable the nano tech

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Do we know which frequencies disable the nano tech

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Graphene blockchain tech covered here: https://youtu.be/_S1veuTugrI?t=1866

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Thanks Karen. I have watched your interviews the past 2 years and have really appreciated your perspective. 👍🏽💜

Who started miFight?

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Oct 15, 2022·edited Oct 15, 2022

You need to slow down, u are mixing pears with apples with oranges...

Yes, mRNA vaccines are a "computer" code, cells work like that, no secret, someone long ago 2 years did reverse eng. put the last discarded drop of the day in a genetic sequencer, and analyzed the code, if want to know how it works, that is the place to start. Patents are designed to be hard to understand on purpose. The Sars-Cov-2 virus is not mRNA is RNA, different code, different delivery method, m=delivery method: messenger=LNP. LNP burst like soap bubbles, hydrophobic layer encapsulation.

the virus is a protein structure encapsulation, affects some people like me, hell on earth, 1% lethal No age discrimination, 30% or more immune, 30% small symptoms. Russia said: Etnic Bio Weapon when Labs in Ukraine story went viral. mRNA is the biological chain only, made in a lab, single strand of A-C-G-T proteins in a very specific sequence, designed, eng. to do a job, those are the instructions human cell receive, to build anything inside of the cell, ribosome are the construction workers that build according to instructions.

LNP used by Pfizer=Jew/BioNTech=NAZI ww2 factory & ModeRNA are patented & designed by Acuitas in Canada. private company unknown investors. Pfizer bottler company, BioNTech eng. the code, but all pro tennis players know each other, same with RNA eng. Things are much more complex & scary that you can imagine. LOL Dr. M story does Not match, was in Wuhan because a CIA friend call him, weird story joe rogan banned interview. knows some, others Not, like everybody. Dr.M Achilles Heel are his kids. LOL

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