Hi Karen just saw your interview with Mike, first thing is you don't need to apologise. Just as they have advanced transhuman tech they have advanced gigahertz tech that can and does have an effect on our mental state through emf frequencies and it appears this was used on you amongst other things. You clearly emotionally very strong. That is evident by your previous occupation and the unrelenting expose o big pharma. You are not 'jumping at shadows' it is very real. Stay safe.

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Miss Karen Kingston discusses her recent absence with Mr. Mike Adams, extraordinary scientist and a good friend to Miss Karen. Beautiful interview with a most remarkable lady:


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For those of you who haven't seen Miss Karen's recent video with Mr. Jeff Dornik, here's the link Rosalind sent me, below. I think you'll find the interview informative, thorough, and filled with hope and faith from Miss Karen, who's so pleasant and lovely here:

https://rumble.com/v3e0ytx-karen-kingston-is-back-for-an-important-conversation-in-the-foxhole.html Off topic . Karen Kingston on Jeff dornick

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First, I am so glad you are ok!

I apologize. I tried to find a private way to send this on Substack, but couldn't find this option. I am not a social media user and am only here to read and learn on Substack. I don't have many skills w/ this stuff! lol.

Will be as brief as I can while providing context and a few evidence-based resources to get you started.

I just watched your interview w/ Mike Adams. Tracking some things that caught my attention from a medical standpoint (I have an integrative medicine practice) is that you mentioned at some point treating for malaria after a trip to the jungle w/ your son, and then also swollen ankles and ringing in your ears. If these symptoms happened after, even months later post malaria, please check into the following.

Medications both prescribed and OTC, environmental chemicals, toxicants (including mycotoxins, I heard you mention mold) block thiamine transporters, degrade the molecule, increase excretion, or just damage mitochondria (requiring more thiamine). This is not a thiamine deficiency that would show up in any blood work, but instead a metabolic block.

So if you were being exposed to a toxin coupled with doing a heavy duty drug protocol for malaria you just need to take an *optimal* dose of thiamine. Even one of those can create the symptoms you list. I don't like to say "high-dose" and instead "optimal dose" because truly it's just how much your body needs to recover.

Even certain foods such as sardines and too much coffee can create or add to this problem. They are anti-thimaine factors (ATF).

Your symptoms are text book. Even the changes in mental status. This "block" creates inadequate energy supply to the ANS and you lose the ability to adapt to stress of any kind, leading to dysautonomia and even more "oddball" symptoms.

All the high energy organ systems are dramatically impacted by a metabolic block of thiamine. Nervous system, cardiovascular system, gastrointestinal, and musculature are all destroyed by this. Either one, several or all of them at once or over time. But again, hearing you were treated for Malaria and have had swollen and ankles and ringing in your ears, you are the poster child for needing thiamine! There are classic symptoms.

Please reference:

1. https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/34685573/

2. https://www.amazon.com/Thiamine-Deficiency-Disease-Dysautonomia-Malnutrition-ebook/dp/B073NCFNLX

The work of Dr. Derrick Lonsdale and Chandler Marrs, PhD have saved many of my patients lives.

You want to start low and slow on "reloading" when you are as "blocked" as you are, and the there are diff forms. Some work better than other for diff reasons and each person requires a unique dose.

I am happy to help you and explain all this if you want to reach out to me. I know you can't trust too many people right now, but if you want anymore information on this, I have no problem offering resources. I have helped many of patients who were suffering for years from a whole laundry list of chronic diseases. Dr. Lonsdale is like 98 now and lives in Ohio. The man deserves a Nobel Prize for his life-saving work on thiamine. The medical community has never listened... of course! The clinical case studies in his book (I posted the link above), will blow your mind. I am sure you could directly reach out to him and he would help you as well.

God bless you, Karen!

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I just listened to your interview with Mike Adams. I am so thrilled and relieved that you are safe and protected. I hope you can take advantage of many of the safeguards that Mike knows so much about. I’d suggest you listen to his weekday broadcasts called Brighteon Broadcast News. I have learned SO much and he's often very funny as well.

I know that God is protecting you as you have a mission that no one else is skilled and courageous enough to tackle. What you have brought to light is as amazing as it is frightening.

Bless you and your family. I pray for your safety and courage in these evil times. Thank you!

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Hello again everyone. I just sent Dr. Aranda's Ban the Jab updates to my Congressman; might help him reconsider his position. Also gave him a quick update on Miss Karen:

"Good evening, Congressman Self,

Hope you are well. Just wanted to send along an update on the Ban the Jab movement; nine counties in Florida have passed resolutions and key points are being sent to State Legislators. Progress is being made in Idaho, too. Here's a link to the current Florida situation, courtesy of Dr. Aranda Ferrante:


PS - Biotech Analyst Miss Karen Kingston has returned and is doing well. Thank you for your prayers.

Thank you.


Larry Sullivan


And thanks again to Dr. Aranda Ferrante! And here's to Miss Karen for keeping the issue moving!! 🤠👍

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Thank you, Dr. Aranda and thank you, Miss Karen for the remarkable research you did to keep the issue moving forward: Nine counties in Florida have passed Ban the Jab resolutions. Key points are going out to the State Legislature.


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Hello Miss Karen! This is a Ban the Jab update from Dr. Aranda; so, thank you, Doctor.


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Hi Miss Karen! 😊 Hey folks! 😊 For those of you with questions about magnetized meat, consider this posting from Bing's Ai, combing references for an answer to the question (read the whole answer please):

"There is no scientific evidence to support the claim that prions, a type of misfolded protein found in meat, have magnetic properties1. However, scientists have been working on ways to imbue living cells with magnetic properties in order to externally manipulate cellular activities using magnetic fields2. In 2019, researchers successfully engineered genetically-encoded protein crystals that can generate magnetic forces2. A new technique for growing synthetic meat by zapping animal cells with a magnet has also been developed by scientists from the National University of Singapore3."

Sounds like exactly what Miss Karen has described, doesn't it?

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😊 👍 HI Miss Karen; howdy folks! 🤠 here's a recent Ban the Jab report from Dr. Sansone: https://josephsansone.substack.com/p/oregon-county-gop-passed-ban-the

...and here's another:


So Great progress is being made!

And Miss Karen deserves a great deal of the credit for keeping this issue alive! Thank you, Miss Karen!

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Karen we know your intentions are very good and most of us question Malone. He seems very dodgy to me always saying what he eels will get him points on the board. I don't think we can trust him. Like he said he still has contracts with the CIA, so what does that tell us. We need you Karen and i there is anything we can do for you please ask.

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Aug 27Liked by Karen Kingston

Thanks for that Karen. I didn't like Malone sewing Dr. Jane Ruby and now your clips clips show him saying who he's been working with.

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Karen, I may not post often but please know that you are tops in my book & if there was anything I could do for you personally, I certainly would.

Your friend,


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