Comment I left for Naomi Wolf on her substack. I'm glad to see your growth into Spirituality as in regards to Love. You seem to have broken away the bonds that have held you captive in the past. The devil comes to lie, steal, kill and destroy. Anything thing that embraces any of those things leads you back where you came from. You seem to of had a road to Damascus moment. I wouldn't of said this probably 3 years ago. Everything we were told from the time we we're born has been a lie from the principalities and powers that rule the world and always have. Where living in the Days of Noah which I'm sure you've notice by changing Gods DNA, mutating it into demons via Transhumanism. It always goes back to the mankind in the Garden of Eden. God knew you before you were born. People would rather worship the creature instead of the Creator. You might want to check out the first book of Enoch whether or not it was inspired by the Holy Spirit could be argued. There where originally 84 books in the canon until Constantine paganized Christianity. But it gives you a glimpse of the fall of satan, Noah, etc. Check Apocryphal 1970 and search for the The first book of Enoch on You tube channel . Take it with a grain of salt. Except for the part about satan. Lol Keeping the law doesn't cover am evil heart. That's why there no salvation in the law. Legalizing evil won't get religious zealots to heaven. I'm kind of rambling on here. Lol Individuals who God breathe his life into, have unfortunately fallen asleep. Unless they wake up from there stuper before they die will be spending life with the biggest loser of all time forever. The one who is behind every murder, rape, child sacrifice, dubauchery, etc. The 200 watchers aka fallen angels in the Book of Enoch, the fallen angels appear to me remind of all the governments who all seem to be walking in lock step to the same fate of the watchers as well as mankind. God Bless. Remenber God is always love no matter what the cretins in the world attempt to do. The Holy Spirit is peace, love and joy and a sound mind, anything else is the foolishness. Love to you and your husband. John Caleo. If you have any questions please email me. I'll give it my best Spiritual shot and stay steadfast in the Holy Spirit. (revised

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Erm... I submit the presentation was well composed. Ms. Kingston's dialog was impeccable. But...

We need to stop investing sacred energy into a negative regime, and initiate Lawful positive responses.

I don't mean smiles and congratulations to our military/industrial/medical ghouls. These people violate every dictate of ethics and purity of intent. Purity of spirit has been replaced with the lowest vile dictates of "alleged" power. Time to dethrone these dick heads. Learn some Law, then apply it.

Excerpted from: 15 U.S. Code § 2614 - Prohibited acts | US Law | LII / Legal Information Institute

It shall be unlawful for any person to—

“(1) fail or refuse to comply with any requirement of this subchapter or any rule promulgated, order issued, or consent agreement entered into under this subchapter, or any requirement of subchapter II or any rule promulgated or order issued under subchapter II;

(2) use for commercial purposes a chemical substance or mixture which such person knew or had reason to know was manufactured, processed, or distributed in commerce in violation of section 2604 or 2605 of this title, a rule or order under section 2604 or 2605 of this title, or an order issued in action brought under section 2604 or 2606 of this title;

(3) fail or refuse to (A) establish or maintain records, (B) submit reports, notices, or other information, or (C) permit access to or copying of records, as required by this chapter or a rule thereunder; or

(4) fail or refuse to permit entry or inspection as required by section 2610 of this title.” [End quote]

Complete text: https://www.law.cornell.edu/uscode/text/15/2614

Also refer to: "chemical substance: https://www.law.cornell.edu/definitions/uscode.php?width=840&height=800&iframe=true&def_id=15-USC-1318689506-823698990&term_occur=999&term_src=

And: 15 U.S. Code § 2604 - Manufacturing and processing notices

15 U.S. Code § 2605 - Prioritization, risk evaluation, and regulation of chemical substances and mixtures

15 U.S. Code § 2606 - Imminent hazards

The "Final Days" defines the time, the place, and the artifacts of war against humanity. The rest is up to you...

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What happened to Dr. Buttar? Is there a 5G Grid threat to humanity? If so, is that threat related to the Covid-19 "vaccines," (Bioweapons)? Miss Karen Kingston has spoken out about the dangers associated with microwaves and with 5G in particular. This clip contains Dr. Buttar's concerns for the possible tie in between the 5G tech and the "shots," even suggesting the LNP hydrogel encased poisons, (i.e. even fatal Marburg components) can be triggered with "three one-minute transmissions of a 5G signal between 16 and 18 Ghz." If so, this matches Karen's earlier observations. Dr. Buttar suggested this sinister tech may be rolled out very soon. Dr. Reiner Fuelllmich, in the clip's second interview, supports Dr. Buttar's view regarding microwave/5G posing a lethal threat to all of humanity. Dr. Buttar released his observations in April 2023; on May 18th, he DIED SUDDENLY. What happened to him? What's happening to us?


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Interesting and related news item today. Of course, it comes from MSN - MicroSnot News -but it seemed orderly enough. Anyway, seems the billionaire Sackler Family, famous for their opioid based products and cursed across many lands as evil drug pushers, has gained immunity from future lawsuits,

but not before having to pay out a whopping $6 billion dollars to settle all the outstanding lawsuits already before US courts. The ruling was issued in the US Court of Appeals. So, once they pay the $6 bil, are they then free to kill?


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Great Documentary. Karen lays it out in her segment, exposing Covid-19 as a bio-chemical weapon...Not a virus.... I'm interested to to hear Dr. Bailey's review. The video has been re-posted a Odysee and other platforms for Maximum exposure. Well done

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How democrat operatives and politicians in the US helped stage a coup in Ukraine that led to a terrible war between Ukraine and Russia that could in turn lead to WW 3 militarily (while the biological WW3 is already unfolding):


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May 31Liked by Karen Kingston

I still can't believe people haven't Freaked out yet year's in to all this. I get up everyday thinking today is the day that the world will wake the F😤😠😡 UP & demand Justice. most knows by now the medical system is dangerous the hospital will kill you. & still everyone continue's to say OK. I really do hope there's more people like myself that is willing to get there hands dirty. I will not live in there F😤😠😡ed up world & let them get away with killing & harming baby's & kid's. the adults want to do whatever thats on them. I truly hope there's more of the Mountain People like I grew up with that still believe if you harm a little one in anyway we will Bury you & piss on your Grave. no 1 must Exscape justice this time NO 1

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Karen, notification to new Substack posts was disabled?

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Just sent out my slightly modified version of Miss Karen's Demand Letter to my county commissioner, under my name, giving full credit to Karen for the template. I had hoped Operation Bedrock would permit me to send it out as their Texas POC, again with credit to Karen's template, but they declined. So I just sent it out with my name only, citing Karen's template of course. Now I'm going to CC everyone I can. Then I'll place it in Congressman Keith Self's website. 😃👍

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I haven't had the bioweapon shot, so I tried pairing me to my tablet's and phone's bluetooth. Since I didn't pair, does that mean I haven't been shed on?

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I just viewed the entire film, "Final Days." It was gripping, a real attention gainer! The initial thesis - that since man's fall, technology is the tool Satan, which he is using to destroy the human race - is supported throughout, especially by the presentation provided by our champion, the brilliant and informative Bio-analyst Med Legal Advisor, Miss Karen Kingston! She explains, step by step, through documents and expert citations, how the public was "gaslit," into believing this was a virus, when it was and remains actually an Ai generated, man modified, toxified, graphene oxide LNP programmable, Bioweapon with modRNA that was labeled Covid-19 to induce fear and create the demand for the subsequent "vaccines," which were also actually toxified LNP Bioweapons. Karen makes clear the LNP bioweapons are designed to exterminate the human species and replace it through transhumanism - the synthesis of humans and technology. Her comments are supported in turn with all the documents and related testimonies from experts. It is a film with a pulsating sense of urgency, highlighting the fact that, once again, this entire "pandemic" is an evil, Satanic attack! Karen, our MOVIE STAR now, did an outstanding job of driving home A MOST VITAL MESSAGE for our survival and salvation; we obviously must face the truth and turn to God. Thank you again, Miss Karen Kingston!! 😊

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2021 Bio-analyst KAREN KINGSTON says, under USC 18, Section 175, "it's a bioweapon." We should have listened - then, because now the mRNA tech is everywhere: food, water, cosmetics, even plants. According to Attorney Tom Renz, the state of Missouri even announced it intended to put mRNA into beef supplies.

c2022 Now regarding Karen’s observations, she didn’t just stop with the term, “bioweapon.” Rather she describes in her Substack articles WHY the Covid-19 mRNA-based “vaccines,” are bioweapons. The introduction of a foreign species’ mRNA, or a computer modified replica of such mRNA, would necessarily be an invasive agent, especially if toxified, and if it can penetrate human cell tissues of various organs and systems quickly, which it does, it would necessarily greatly tax the innate immune system! The system might go into overdrive and overproduce WBCs and leucocytes to fight the “spike protein” invasion, thus generating an autoimmune disorder. The poisons also apparently block the adaptive immune system from generating the proper antibodies in sufficient numbers to counter the invasion. And this is just the beginning of issues with the coming “vaccines.” ISSUES BIG PHARMA COMPANIS LIKE PFIZER, MODERNA, AND J&J KNEW WELL IN ADVANCE (surely by October 2020).

c2022, continued: Karen Kingston also details the problems Dr. Baric encountered in his attempts to use his modified/toxified man-made (fake) GOF “viruses” to enter human cell tissues - if I recall correctly, this went on all the way up to about 2017 or so. Appears human’s eukaryotic bilayer, selectively permeable membrane was pretty efficient at keeping Ralphy boy’s artificial pathogens locked out. Plus, the mRNA molecule itself is easily disturbed or destroyed. So, the redoubtable Baric, with Fatal Fauci’s consent and EcoHealth Alliance’s happy help, via the US Army Couriers, sent his bugs along to the Wuhan Insititute of Vampirism. And they, it seems, eventually contracted to have outside bio-companies in the People Repugnant of China, like Synopeg, develop a graphene oxide based, electronically-responsive, magnetic, metallic, remote-controllable, nanotech delivery device, as even more than a simple protective envelope for the vulnerable mRNA. And POOF! The demon seed was born!

Dizzy Doc Daszak, busy Baric and Mousey Fauci now had their invasive, pathogenic, artificial-intel, man-modified and heavily toxified, computer generated, falsely labeled “zoonotic virus with HIV, rabies, various snake species venoms computer generated extracts,” all puffed up ready to roll over humanity — all before 2019! Joyous Days for deadly docs!! Except maybe EcoHealth Alliance’s Dr. Andrew Huff and puff. He eventually deserts the Eco ship when he senses a warm flame of justice searching for his butt and decides to write a scathing book exposing everyone in the nefarious plot - uh, except himself.

The most convenient leak in history would soon occur. It would be timed to destroy democracy, shutdown nations, halt the rise of nationalism in America and Western Europe, destroy civil rights, get rid of that egotistical orange-man blowhard, pro-America Donald Trump by blaming the economic recession from the PLANdemic on him, rob the middle class blind by shutting down their businesses and having billionaires subsequently buy them up for pennies on the dollar, steal national elections around the world by keeping observers at a distance, induce infertility, injure, control or kill multiple millions around the world, (not so much with the weakened Covid 19 bioweapon, but with the much more dangerous “vaccines”) while blaming the deaths on Covid19 or its impossibly-rapid emerging “variants.” this would also drive up suicide, divide families, and wreck human intimacy. Score a big one for Satan. But only for a moment. Justice is coming.

Intriguingly, now that I think about it, Doc Martin didn’t say a word about any of this in his famous and recent expose’ of the Covid Conspiracy during his speech before the European Parliament! Gosh, he didn’t say anything about Pfizer’s guilt. Or Moderna’s guilt. Or J&Js guilt. Or the FDA’s absurd acquiescence to the dangerous products these companies produced! Nor did Dr. Martin make any recommendation for investigation, arrest, charges — for anyone. Very strange for an expose speech on Covid Conspiracy justice.

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Karen FYI -- .I registered but received no email about the video.... Not in the spam folder either. ....By the way, I've not received a new post notification from your substack since May 22.

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HERE'S ANOTHER unexpected (HIGHLY RELEVANT) ingredient in the jabs - explaining part of the proliferation of spike protein via "infecting" the microbiome: https://www.brighteon.com/27ad70e0-0a81-486d-abd4-452be026dd36

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We need to be in one accord against the shots regardless of the specifics. Some are in the graphene corral, some in the snake venom group, while others have their own special niches of interest. It reminds me of an art gallery - some like the Old Masters while others enjoy Modern art, but in the end, we all are here for the same thing, so let's not poo-poo a single detail as the entire shot was corrupt. Karen has done an amazing job on the details, with many ah-ha moments coming from me as I learn how evil the creators were as she unmasks the pharmaceutical sausage making industry (if you knew what was in it, you wouldn't eat it).

The health results are what is devastating the country and world, and with God help, we can begin to show the injected exactly what happened to them - none of it was good.

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