Doctors Are Obedient By Nature.

Therein Lies The Problem.


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Thank you. & God bless youDr Sansone .( I’m in Lee county)

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Amen , and Thank you . I think the next Bio Weapon they are going to unleash is going to be on Washington State and in is going to be the MONKEY POX they put this in their plan in 2022 in washington state for all State Employees if they get a Covid-19 Boster by July of 2023 will recieve a one time payment of $1000.00 no earlyer they July of 2023 , and they the CDC just said yesterday that the Monkey Pox will be the Summer out brake. and Then the gov. State Employees if they get a Covid-19 Boster by July of 2023 will recieve a Incentive of a $1000.00 to rec. a COVID-19 BOOSTER . This makes me so mad.

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May 23Liked by Karen Kingston

Wow, that's awesome, now lets get every state to ban them and stop this nightmare.

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Thank you Dr. Sansone for this initiative. It's good to know which counties have passed the resolution, as this can create an avalanche of much needed freedom throughout the rest of God's country.

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Hey, that's great news!! Dr. Sansone is on the he right side of Justice!! Now if we can get the ball rolling in Texas! I sent the Template to the Texas State Manager. I noted they used YOUR legal reference for the Bioweapon definition!! And aI know you were in Florida, giving them the evidence! Let's here it for the amazing, lovely, brave, and brilliant Karen Kingston!! 🤠👍

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Thank you Dr. Sansone and Karen. I am meeting with commissioners in St. Lucie County next week to push for a Ban The Jab resolution.

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I want Everyone involved in bio weapons & Hospital protocols down to a hospice nurse to be held accountable. you can't keep killing over & over & over & not know what your doing. before Bryan ardis warned the world about the protocol's they killed my brother in the hospital with there protocols. he didn't go to the hospital for CONvid. he still got the 7steps to a body bag. im raising he 2 young kids. my cousin worked at that hospital for 24yrs as a RN on a different floor when i learned the Truth & my cousin looked into the Truth she walked away from her life. she is a destroyed person. like so many family's this has messed ours up severely. since then i've been saying on many social media platforms i volunteer to run the gallows & i mean it

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May 23·edited May 23Liked by Karen Kingston

"We are at war and I am willing to give my life for this cause. I am asking you to have the courage right now to take an action that may potentially save tens of millions of lives."

I was touched by those words. They were personal, and encompassed everything we've been trying to do.

There's so much at stake.

On a separate note, when I read, "I am my father’s son," I wasn't sure if father should've been capitalized or not. From watching the Rumble video (which is just under 90 seconds), I think he meant his Earthly father.

But, he also could've meant his Father in heaven.


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Mpox Vaccination Basics

Updated May 5, 2023

Español Print

Mpox (formerly known as monkeypox) is caused by a virus that is related to the virus that causes smallpox. JYNNEOS is a 2-dose vaccine developed to protect against mpox and smallpox infections. People need to get both doses of the vaccine for the best protection against mpox. The second dose should be given 4 weeks after the first dose.

Vaccination is an important tool in stopping the spread of mpox. People who are vaccinated should continue to avoid close, skin-to-skin contact with someone who has mpox.

CDC recommends vaccination against mpox if:

You had known or suspected exposure to someone with mpox

You had a sex partner in the past 2 weeks who was diagnosed with mpox

You are a gay, bisexual, or other man who has sex with men or a transgender, nonbinary, or gender-diverse person who in the past 6 months has had any of the following:

A new diagnosis of one or more sexually transmitted diseases (e.g., chlamydia, gonorrhea, or syphilis)

More than one sex partner

You have had any of the following in the past 6 months:

Sex at a commercial sex venue (like a sex club or bathhouse)

Sex related to a large commercial event or in a geographic area (city or county for example) where mpox virus transmission is occurring

Sex in exchange for money or other items

You have a sex partner with any of the above risks

You anticipate experiencing any of the above scenarios

You have HIV or other causes of immune suppression and have had recent or anticipate future risk of mpox exposure from any of the above scenarios

You work in settings where you may be exposed to mpox:

You work with orthopoxviruses in a laboratory

You should NOT get the vaccine if:

You had a severe allergic reaction (such as anaphylaxis) after getting your first dose of the JYNNEOS vaccine.

You should take extra caution if:

You had an allergic reaction to any vaccine. You may still be vaccinated with JYNNEOS, but your provider may need to observe you for 30 minutes after you get vaccinated to make sure you don’t develop an allergic reaction.

Talk to your healthcare provider if you had an allergic reaction to the antibiotics gentamicin or ciprofloxacin, or chicken or egg protein.

How the vaccine is given

The vaccine will be given between the top layers of your skin; this is called an intradermal vaccination. It can be placed in your forearm or other areas, including your upper back just below the shoulder blade or the skin of your shoulder above the deltoid muscle.

If preferred, you can also ask for the vaccine to be given to you “subcutaneously.” This means that the vaccine will be injected in the fat layer underneath the skin on the back of your upper arm (triceps).

If you have ever had keloid scars (thick, raised scars) or are under 18, ask for the vaccine to be given to you subcutaneously.

Getting the vaccine intradermally or subcutaneously appears to be equally effective against mpox.

Although early findings suggest that the first dose of JYNNEOS vaccine gives some protection against mpox, two doses are recommended to provide stronger protection. Whether you get the vaccine subcutaneously or intradermally, you should still get two doses. The second dose should be given 4 weeks (28 days) after the first dose. If you can’t get your second dose on time, you should get it as soon as possible to complete the series.

If you don’t want the vaccine given in the skin of your forearm, ask to get it in the skin of your upper back or the skin of your shoulder instead. You can also ask to be given the vaccine subcutaneously in the fat layer underneath the skin on the back of your upper arm.

How intradermal vaccination works

There are many immune cells in the skin tissue just underneath the top layer of your skin. When a vaccine is given between the layers of skin, you can generate a strong immune response using a smaller amount of vaccine.

The smaller amount of JYNNEOS vaccine given between the top layers of skin produces a similar immune response as the standard dose given in the fat layer underneath the skin (subcutaneous).

JYNNEOS vaccine is effective at reducing the risk of mpox disease, with two doses providing the best protection, regardless if the vaccine is given intradermally or subcutaneously.

Side effects

Not everyone has side effects, but some people do. The most common side effects after JYNNEOS vaccination are pain, redness, and itching at the spot where the vaccine is given. You might also experience fever, headache, tiredness, nausea, chills, and muscle aches. These are signs that your immune system is responding, not that you’re getting sick.

When JYNNEOS vaccine is given intradermally, some people have reported less pain after vaccination but more side effects like itching, swelling, redness, thickening of the skin, and skin discoloration at the spot where the vaccine was given. Some of these side effects may last for several weeks. If you have concerns about receiving the vaccine intradermally, you can ask for the vaccine to be given to you subcutaneously in the fat layer underneath the skin on the back of your upper arm (triceps).

How long it takes for the vaccine to work

You can start to have an immune response after the first dose of JYNNEOS, but it takes two weeks after the second dose to be the most protected.

It’s not known how long protection might last, or if protection might decrease over time. CDC is analyzing the current data and conducting studies to enhance the knowledge on how well the JYNNEOS vaccine works during the current mpox outbreak, as well as how long protection might last. These studies will be used to make future vaccine recommendations.

Where you can get vaccinated

In some large cities, mpox vaccines may be available at the health department, public health clinics, hospitals, or even at large social gatherings or venues.

In other areas, mpox vaccines may only be available from the health department.

Contact your local health department to see what the vaccination options are in your community.

Use our widget to find an mpox vaccine site near you.

Vaccine cost

Mpox vaccines are free. Providers must give you the vaccine regardless of your ability to pay the administration fee.

The providers may bill a program or plan that covers the mpox vaccine administration fee (like your private insurance or Medicare/Medicaid).

Last Reviewed: May 5, 2023

Source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, National Center for Emerging and Zoonotic Infectious Diseases (NCEZID), Division of High-Consequence Pathogens and Pathology (DHCPP).

The agreement includes a general wage increase of 4% effective July 1, 2023 and 3% effective July 1, 2024. The agreement also includes a $1000 lump sum booster incentive payment. Washington Federation of State Employees, Department of Corrections.

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please please please look this up and share on this Washington state is so currupt ............ 2023-25_October12022_OfficialSubmittal_EE

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Hello Karen. Howdy all. Hey, did you all catch Karen's latest interview with Mike Adams at Brighteon?

It's a fine interview with lots of information on Karen's demand letter, which is broken down and explained point by point! It will help you to use and understand the template more thoroughly. Great interview with Karen! 😃👍

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Howdy. Has everyone got their Demand Letter put together from Karen's template? I sent mine, edited and with credit to Karen of course, out to the Texas State Manager for Operation Bedrock. Man, I can't wait to wake those commissioners up a bit. They should have pulled those junk jabs two years ago.

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God Bless you Dr. Joe Sansone ..!

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I'd definitely like to see a large scale "forensic analysis" using state of the art analytical techniques and a statistically valid sampling plan. Many of us don't know what to believe because of the constant stream of questionable results from amateur investigators.

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Desantis Trump Abott are all cult members...

You will get no results....they kniw the future and 138 years

Karen...your doing great work but....your overlooking the bigger picture.... you are here for your soul and it alone. Who cares what happens to this world? Go look into the civil war....look for battle pictures of that era....there are none...mass extermination has been going on for a long time. You can not stop or change the program good luck

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