Thank U dear Karen, for more "evidence!"

I bet a big group of them.... there.... Dept. of Justice (DOJ,) gang went to RUSSIA, and started an "investigation" HUH?


Do you think they got the "RED.... carpet RIDE," or a "ya'll welcome ... come on in, parade?"

OR . . . did they just "HACK" their way into RUSSIA? LOL!

And on duh SEC... which is another "PRIVATE CORPORATION," (See. *** *** below.... just like the DOJ since it is NOT LISTED IN TITLE 28 U.S.C. (I bet there are alot of Denial River Waders on that FACT backed statement,) and them all, got a "COME ON IN, good little ladies and gentlemen!" HUH?

*** https://www.llsdc.org/assets/sourcebook/usc-pos-law-titles.pdf *** (<---- there is your OWN personal PDF, for Positive law, and NON-Positive / NON law TITLES, of the **Foreign Corporation** called the UNITED STATES of AMERICA!

And if anyone be as "nosey" as I am I tick on a LINK within the following WORDS ....

" Regulations.gov, your one-stop site to comment on Federal regulations. The public can use this site to send their comments electronically to agencies on Federal regulations published for comment in the Federal Register."

And guess what I got on that LINK / URL....

Answer.....We're sorry, an error has occurred

A general error occurred while processing your request.

What could have caused this?

The link may be outdated or incorrect.

The document or docket you are looking for was not found.

What can you do?

Please try typing in the URL again or return to the home page."

The "PUBLIC'S questions was linked to....


[QUOTING again,]

If you believe you should not be getting this error page or the problem persists, please contact the Help Desk .

END of copied and paste on a really OVER-SIZED, well OILED machine, all CAPS Subsidiary of their parent COMPANY!

So a real **DEAD END** to asking any LEGAL, or LAWFUL questions at Regulations,gov!

Another FACT.....

A few TOP people, at FOX went OVER ... The United States of America's Federal Government's WORK FORCE being the LARGEST work force of any country, including China, with it's 1,439,323,776,] people in that country! THAT's almost 5 TIMES the people with LESS governmentle "pencle pushers" ETC, ETC, ETC than the DC Corporation has with OUR 300 MILLION people!

And since that be correct, (but not beneficial to their "corporate" standing,) why MORE people whom get PAID, for shuffling paper / entering data, and living "HIGH on the hog," lifestyles!

And NO maybe NOT the janitors!

AS for ....***

Specifically, Black’s Law Dictionary defines positive law as “Law actually and specifically enacted or adopted by proper authority for the government of an organized jural society.” In a more complex sense, the term positive law refers to a legal philosophy of positivism." ***


So with that.... copied and pasted definition, in MIND, what is the OPPOSITE of that, called NON-POSITIVE LAW?


Please explain!

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The more I think about this report, the more astonished I become. I did my master's thesis on corporate capture possibilities under elitist globalization, and now we see the damage it may actually be doing to our republic. Pfizer's been around for generations, and Karen says they have about 63% of the mRNA market. Maybe they bribed or intimated Barr; maybe they went after Trump's family members. Who knows? But that FCPA investigation sure was halted.

Pfizer's like the Mob, and maybe it is in a way. Found out Vanguard and Blackrock are two of Pfizer's biggest shareholders and everyone knows the clout they have. These companies fit Thomas Dye's description of dangerous companies in his book "When Corporations Rule the World." Maybe that's what's happening, I mean everyone talks about the WEF, and I believe they are a banking Cabal lobbying group with dozens of corporate members, including Pfizer. Aside from God, who can prevail against them? I'm amazed Karen Kingston is even trying! I hope she's careful and has security. These are not nice people. We pray for Karen's safety. She's incredible.

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There was/is no virus. NOTHING is going to happen to Pfiser sorry to say.

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GOOD Reporting! Another "fox" in the hen house!

HOW in the EARTH can an AG "OUST" a sitting president of any "corporation?"

Please explain HOW.... "Barr and AG (a-thorn-knee,) can do anything to the so-called "Commander and CHIEF EXECUTIVE of the "Company, DBA as, the United States of American (INC.) that wouldn't happen on any OTHER company, or business on the planet!

SO BARR has to BE more power-fool than a sitting president?????????????????????

All "sudo" heads of any "private corporation" knock "horns" when they are NOT "cut in to the deals!"

And if that happens....



SO... if "We the PEOPLE," STOOD up against this "Stuff"..... less "stuff" would happen!

But it's the getting ***OUT*** of the "social me-de-AH," and grab a "bull horn," and tell it ALL, to those whom already "IN THE STREETS," where any real "conformations have REAL, true, Lasting EFFECTS!


1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xu0GPo7GkPk&ab_channel=FiveTimesAugust

2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oE3idi85jfQ&ab_channel=FiveTimesAugust

3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GVM63IkTu1I

4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=USMBS7u8Bes

5, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6z1ZpYcyku4&ab_channel=FiveTimesAugust

THEM there is OUR . . . "MARCHING ORDERS!"

And Karen (Care-Ann) ..... TRY real hard to listen to more of his "music" with a twist!

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All only makes sense if some of these rats have counter measures, it's magnetic, it's electronic, it's controllable. We've got to get a handle on it and turn it on it's head. Who can do that? Someone knows.

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You can't fight the swamp when you hire one to fight for you, that goes for Rudy as well. The cover-up and disposal of the 911 crime scene is proof of that. Firefighters and police were threatened to lose their pensions if the talked to the press by Giuliani. As far as Barr goes, we all know what his former position was, and before him, and after. The lesser of evil is still evil, so he passed over Matt Whitaker who Trump requested to resign. The only patriot in that department, and stood up for justice going after the Clintons, but Trump let them go, breaking his first & BIGGEST campaign promise.


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Happy Easter and God Bless!

"Then the Lord said to Joshua, “See, I have delivered Jericho into your hands, along with its king and its fighting men." Joshua 6:2

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Thanks for all your hard work Karen.

USA Berman was the same guy who refused to act on the facts and evidence presented to him by activist lawyers regarding the events of 11 September 2001. He may have been interested in Pfizer's many crimes, but he was certainly not interested in the many crimes of 911.

The sad truth is that our criminal justice system and judiciary are corrupt and dysfunctional. The facts and evidence are clear that Pfizer has been operating a continuing criminal enterprise since at least 2004, but our criminal justice system is owned by Pfizer.

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Pfizer - a US company and the DoD and Govt starting all this. . But the "virus" (i.e. the toxins) is Chinese? Come on!

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I'm going to try and share this with one or two members of Congress from California and some people in the 'New California State' movement. They have contact with a lot of California Sheriffs and lots of it's members who sign affidavits and declarations against corrupt government officials. They are working with people in other states too.

Great article Karen.

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On Thursday, April 6, 2023, and for the very first time ever, I overheard several patients in my doctors waiting room disparage in vitriolic terms what the government has done to their families, senior relatives now passed from alleged "Covid," their family owned small local businesses, and the fraud perpetrated upon whereupon now their health is questionable. I have never heard such anger before from 'vaccinated' people. They are awakening, and they are not pleased with what they are discovering. I suspect like conversations will begin throughout our country now that people have taken off their masks, masks which were mandated precisely to muzzle such conversations and thoughts! This is a positive development!!

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Last thing I will say on this is that I hope I never get banned or blocked by you 😂 I could care less whether anybody else bans or blocks me, even Stew Peters. But to be banned or blocked by you would be the worst kick in the you know what of my life 😪😪😪 You have been a Hero of mine from the first time you showed up on the scene and you ALWAYS will be 😊 Even if you need to block or ban me for being the non-believing Libertarian Trump disliker that I am 😂

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I see that Pfizer was just found Guilty in the UK for misleading the public about Bio Weapon Safety…I mean Vaccine safety.

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Here is a Christian conservative pointing out to people things about Jordan Peterson when it is NOT popular to do so in the freedom movement. Its not just non-believing Libertarians like me that are pointing out unpopular things that will yield a backlash from conservatives. You are of the same caliber of intelligence and bravery. Time to catch up AmazingKK. And I say these things to you, my favorite person in the world, knowing full well that one day you something I say may be the straw that finally breaks the camel's back and gets me banned and blocked by you. But I say them anyway, despite the possible consequences, because my integrity demands it. Sometimes it is not easy to ALWAYS LET YOUR GREATEST PEACE AND HAPPINESS BE YOUR GUIDE.


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Given the fact that Trump had and still has the loudest bullhorn in the world, I would have thought that you, more than anybody else, would be furious that he didn't use that loud bullhorn to warn people, sooner or later, of the clot shots, the hospital murders, and even speak up much more loudly and more often about the J6ers that he called to DC. He is no Hero. And regardless of whatever legalities he may be vindicated from, he will be remembered for the things he DID NOT say when he COULD HAVE said them. As you look back in time later on down the line, remember that I was one of those few people reminding people of this Trump ridiculousness when it was NOT popular to do so. As passionate as you have been about the atrocities of the bioweapon clot shots, it boggles my mind that you have not been more vocal and passionate in pointing this Trump ridiculousness out to the masses with your loud bullhorn. One day it will be popular to say these things I just said. And that day is coming soon I believe. But sometimes integrity demands that we say things that are NOT popular and suffer the consequences. I hope you choose integrity Karen. Trump failed America and he failed the world, despite any of the good things that he did. And that is obvious to more and more people every day. Oh and by the way, do you remember when Trump said something to the effect that he knew he shouldn't have been such a stickler about the issue of abortion after the midterms? And do you remember the gay parties he held at Mar A Lago and invited Kari Lake and others to attend? I'm not a Christian and I support gays in their chosen lifestyles and I support their rights (not child grooming)...but I am not pretending to be something that I am not. I knew all along he was playing up the religious theme to appeal to the right. That was obvious to me all along. Do you remember when your employees screwed you over? The ones you referenced in that speech you gave in Utah? Sometimes people are blind to the evil in others because they only want to see their good. But to not see what is right in front of your face because you do not want to see it requires a sacrifice of integrity and self respect. Choose integrity Karen. Be the BADASS that you are. Take it to the next level BEFORE it is popular to do so. It doesn't take any courage to say things when they are popular to say them. I hear Fox News is talking up some nasal "vaccines." It wouldn't surprise me at all if Trump uses his bullhorn to sell those like the "number one 'vaccine' salesman" that he is, as Stew Peters likes to say.

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