GOD BLESS YOU Karen for your Tireless Work in Revealing the True Satanic Evil that is being played out right now. This Evil from the Bottomless Pit which is from Satan, Abaddon, Apollyon is all Satanic. Please Pray a Covering and a Hedge of Protection around Karen as She as a Mommy Lion for Christ leads this Spiritual Battle against us and Our "Keiki O Ka Aina"...

I leave you with the very Breath of Life... Know every time we breath we say the name of YHWH or YAH-WEH...

"YAH" is the sound we make during inhalation...  


"WEH" is the sound we make during exhalation...


Yesterday was a gift...

Today is an opportunity...

Tomorrow never promised...

Live Life, Love Others & leave no Regrets...

Love you all, with Love Evil Cannot Exist...!

Aloha & GOD BLESS kyle

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Thank you Karen for being so tireless in putting these documents together. The good news is that Floridians have decent UV from the Sun, which can help the detox process: https://romanshapoval.substack.com/p/can-we-detox-nanotech-with-sunlight?

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Great Job. Joe Sanson re-stacked it....H

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May 22Liked by Karen Kingston

Really nice work Ms Kingston

Its clear and concise and irrefutable - this, as laid out is a takedown, am hoping that you've got a lawyer that isn't scared of both filing charges and then prosecuting any and all persons involved with the distribution, storage and injection of these bioweapons

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Thank you again. Karen! I can't say it enough. May God be with you in this important fight to save lives and souls as well! I'll keep you in my prayers!

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Wow!! What an impressive feat of legal wizardry! Karen should team up with Reiner Fuellmich! What a team they'd make! Anyway, this is clearly a powerful assemblage of evidence against Pfizer and the FDA. So, I borrowed extensively from it to put together the demand letter I'd like to use -- had a little difficulty downloading some of the images and graphs, but I have enough I think to go forward once i do a little more editing. But only with Karen's consent of course. Remarkable work, Miss Karen Kingston!! 😊👍

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No need to be an attorney. We can draft a South Carolina Demand Letter as well. God Bless!

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May 23Liked by Karen Kingston

another Karen Kingston 🎤drop💥

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Well there it is. Beautifully scripted.

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No Nukes !

Ironic Isn’t It ?

That The No Nukes Rockers

Just Induced

A Chernobyl Level Event

Within Their Own Bodies

Without An Ounce Of Protest.


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My pleasure, sir. Learn a lot from you! 😊👍

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Here's a link to Miss Karen's most excellent interview re this et al with Mike Adams 5/23/23


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Commonality is Dr Ardis and Karen ostracized while others feast at the talk circuit et al table.

Dr A after unveiling the Serpent's contribution, and Miss K way back after unveiling nanu nanu

as Mork from the Mork and Mindy Show would say. He'd say nano nano these days.

Thereby that's where - my - attention is drawn, to the 2 unspeakables, venom & tech, just common

"useless mysteries" the fallen angels were given. Therein lies the answers as Dr A & K have said.

Whatever they don't want you to know or do

always indicates what you - do - need to find out and do.

Thank you Jesus for not letting Loserfer touch anyone's soul as

all souls belong to You, and therefore no one except You owns souls.

No one can sell their soul to Loserfer because no one owns a soul to sell,

that's just another lie from Satan to scare people.

Even if you think you sold your soul to Loserfer, you didn't, you have a soul, but it belongs to God.

You can't rightly sell what you don't own and believe me SATAN IS WELL AWARE OF THAT.

Ezekiel 18:4 KJV

Behold, all souls are mine; as the soul of the father, so also the soul of the son is mine:

the soul that sinneth, it shall die.

Please note: Souls not written in The Book of Life die the "Second Death" in

The Lake of Fire made for The Devil and his Angels.

People are NOT tortured forever in Hell or such, ONLY Loserfer and the other immortal fallen angels suffer for Eternity in The Lake of Fire. "Fear not he who can kill the body, fear He Who can kill both body AND SOUL in The Lake of Fire.

So please don't worry about people's souls re this 2-bit tech witchcraft, they can't touch souls.

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Dear Karen, I just sent your DEMAND above to the Health Minister of Australia Mark Butler, as well as to our TGA (our Australian version of your FDA) and our Federal Health Department with the message:

Recall All Covid Injections Immediately

Solihin Millin <solmillin@gmail.com>

Attachments5:50 PM (3 minutes ago)

to TGA, tga.foi, FOI, Minister

Here is evidence of Covid injections categorically being bio-weapons to harm Australians.

I demand immediate recall and withdrawal and cease and desist of all Covid injections in Australia.

Solihin Millin

Concerned Australian

You're doing a marvelous job dear Karen. We and all Australians and Australian Mums and Dads and Grandparents and all Australian children Salute you, our Angel of Mercy :) 💕




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Thank you again for all you are doing. You are a true warrior in the war with Satan. I have been drilling down #bioweapon in social media and any related post is of course labeled with th the [ i ] of course but yesterday was deplatformed by Truth Social. I had given up on Trump so should not be surprised. I am very interested in JFK jr but sense all establishment are in tamden until tide turns. Do you concur?

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Great interview with Mike Adams ~ Karen you are among the Heroes ~ Grateful to you for all you are so persistently and expertly doing! Especially good is your comment re: Carl Jung’s shadow archetype, as well as the complicity of the media and leaders in the extrinsic fraud.

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