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Agree 10,000% if not more. Some of us recognized from the outset this was a total scam, i.e. tagging this genetic modification tech as a "vaccine" was a complete fraud with harmful and in many cases (still more to come) deadly implications & consequences. A bioweapon, like a creature that walks, quacks, and looks like a duck, is a bioweapon, it really IS that simple. I think it's safe & fair to say the vast majority of so-called "trusted experts" have lost any/all vesitges of legitimacy let alone trustworthiness they may have still enjoyed until a couple of years ago but they are so far gone over to the other side that they will likely never be able to return to the side of good, truth, and integrity. Unfortunately that may apply to the medical establishment as a whole at this point, they sure as hell lost mine and I know I am far from alone in expressing that sense & sentiment.

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Karen Kingston! You have led the calls for stopping the toxic mRNA injections. We wholeheartedly agree and thank you for the critical data you have provided to bolster an mRNA injections and mRNA platforms ban.

The vaccine establishment has been seeking the motherlode-- the ultimate goal of a universal vaccine. This universal vaccine has been described as a universal flu vaccine. Fall of 2019 the vaccine establishment had a meeting that seemed to beg for the COVID crisis. The participants were bemoaning how long approval takes for new vaccines to be moved to market. The moderator asked “Why don’t we blow the system up? Obviously, we can’t just turn off the spigot on the system we have and then say, ‘hey, everyone in the world should get this new vaccine we haven’t given to anyone yet.’ But there must be some way…” and poof! Two months later, Sars-CoV-2 arrived.


We have called for the complete stop of the mRNA "vaccines" and the mRNA platform. A ban would be better based on the massive numbers of deaths and damage to life. https://www.americaoutloud.com/widespread-damage-to-brain-and-heart-stop-mrna-vaccines-and-platforms/

God willing, more will hear from you and from others like us and bans will be implemented. This won't be an easy win. Unbelievable wealth is accruing as the vaccines are administered. In my opinion this is blood money.

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we must all pray out collectively each day. and repent upon those that have come against us.

Woe to those calling good evil and evil good.


Praying for you Karen, you are brought by the Lord for THIS time.

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I guess the question is; who funded mRNA technology. And maybe Dr Malone needs to be asked who funded his research and for what purpose. Was he being used to develop this technology? Was it presented as a noble cause to him? Like under skin surveillance was. I have read that this technology was invented for people with mental health issues so that other people can be protected should there be the need.

Funny how a noble cause always ends in coercion.

Great article as usual!

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I suppose it is unclear to me what sort of outcome variation was selected for by Central Planners / Depopulationists.

For example, batch numbers associated with fast kill, others slow kill and some as blanks?

Presumably some are to make neo-SERFs or the next-gen Slave Class with biometric monitoring for a IoP (Internet of Persons).

At this point, I think slow kill will make up the bulk.

We have the Deagel 2025 Forecast by Country that is perhaps a White Paper of sorts.


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Keep up the great work. Calling synthetic mRNA a vaccine is a propaganda tactic known as false framing. This serves the hidden agenda. The most accurate term for synthetic mRNA is: a gene transfer technology. This precisely describes it.

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I love the scripture. Very appropriate

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Karen I just saw you with Stew...GOD IS WITH YOU LITTLE LADY...GREAT JOB...Oh and..GOD BLESS...

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As the until recently unknown to me, grandson of 1 of the men who ran JFK'S winning presidential election campaign, I have a feeling that I have been doing exactly what all people should be doing . File a lawsuit or at least work with others who are trying to help save the humans race from our own "government" . This is exactly why JFK was killed . He was trying to save you.

This is one of my cases PDF link below, but from the last page 1st, so please scroll down to 175 to start at the beginning.


Land of the Free

Home of the

B iological

R ights

A bove

V accine

E nslavement


My other case filed Nov 1-22 in Wyoming for elderly abuse on my mom and all mom's is being refused by the "clerk" of the 7th district in Wyoming.

Clerk Cannot Refuse To File Motion. August 4, 2012 by Leave a Comment. "It is difficult enough to practice law without having the clerk's office as an adversary" an appellate court wrote. It added that whether the moving party's motion "has legal merit is a determination to be made by a judge, not by the clerk's office.".

Court Clerks cannot refuse to file a document for form Sometimes a court clerk might refuse to file a document because it does not meet certain form guidelines. A clerk is not permitted to refuse filing a document for form as required by rule 5. (d) (4) of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedures specifically state, 5. (d) (4) Acceptance by the clerk.

A clerk is not permitted to refuse filing a document for form as required by rule 5. (d) (4) of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedures specifically state, What does a court clerk do? A court clerk does not have the authority to make any decisions.

Among those are R.C. 2303.09, which provides that the clerk "shall file together and carefully preserve in his office all papers delivered to him for that purpose," and R.C. 2303.08, which says that a clerk "may refuse to accept for filing any pleading or paper submitted for filing by a person who has been found to be a vexatious litigator," unless the person has obtained leave to file. So far as I'm aware, there are no other scenarios in which a clerk of the court of common pleas may refuse a filing. (In fact, it's not even necessarily clear to me that a common pleas court clerk can refuse a filing for lack of a fee. Civil Rule 5(E)(3)

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Words have power. We definitely need to stop using their vocabulary, especially on the networks. We should take it one step further and call it "medical poison" or "pharmaceutical poison" because calling it a bioweapon (which it is) may be too big a mental leap for people, i.e. a weapon 'gets you', not you 'get it', as in go in your car, stand in line for the person in a lab coat to give you healthcare (hell-care).

We may get further faster by telling folks they were lied to than they were attacked.

"Behold, I have told you the end from the beginning", the liar in the garden of Eden is our mortal enemy of today using the same primary weapon against us.

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You're gonna love this... I stream old TV shows while I work. I've been slogging through the three season psyop TV show called "Millennium" (1997 - 1999) that played off some people's fears that the world would end at midnight 12/31/1999. Sort of a CSI meets the X-Files. It is the source of a lot of what came later.

Anyway, in season two, they have a US government created "Marburg" based pandemic who's survivors are vaccinated with a, wait for it... an mRNA vaccine! In 1998 on a f-ing TV show! That's as bad as finding the entire scamdemic mapped out in a UK Channel Four TV show called "Utopia" from 2004 - 2006. Geez. Exactly when did Malone start researching?

So, I'm putting this detox info out on the substacks I follow. I've tried it all or am doing it. I feel much better and I am one of the un-injected but contaminated... I was also Morgellons filaments positive before all this crap started. So, be smart. Be observant of your body and how it feels. Detoxing a genetic bio-weapon combined with futuristic nano-substances and self-assembling hydrogel is an experiment for all of us who are willing to fight to survive.

If you have never detoxed before - go on-line and read about it. Get comfortable with the idea that there may be times when you don't feel so good... or even get the common cold which is nothing but a speeded-up detox. You may need to nap - especially if you decide to juice fast. IF anyone wants the source compilations where all this came from, e-mail: allcomm1@protonmail.com.

Get Clear of the Corporations

Get Clean from their chemicals

Get Strong for yourself and loved ones

Go Dark and break out of digital prison (short answer: Dump the Smart Phone)

**The Detox Challenge: Take a Selfie Right Now and Do Not look at it for a year. If you succeeded, the next time you look at it, you will marvel at how old and tired you looked - and how great you look now. In the Raw Food world, they call it The Glow.:)))))))

EDTA Chelation - I got this info from Dr. Ana Mihalcae. IV Drip (approx $1,500 USD for 10 in-clinic sessions, or suppositories by Detoxamin ($200/60 day supply). EDTA will dissolve the early stage micro and nano structures. It will also bind to heavy metals and remove them. My experience with the suppositories (they are every other night) has not been bad. Some loose stool but nothing catastrophic. And in three treatments I am noticeably better. After the third treatment I had a tiny sore throat indicating a cleanse could be coming - but I took some Rapid Immune Booster tincture and it went away in minutes. A person’s current level of toxicity will probably affect how they react to EDTA chelation.

Diatomaceous Earth (Food Grade Only) - This is mined and pulverized clay and also called "dietary clay." It is inexpensive and will bind to toxic metals. I have been on it for over 7 years. I tried to stop for 5 months and learned that I will crater with brain fog, low energy, etc. and cannot live without it due to the active poisoning of our entire environment with chemtrails.

Nanobot Killing Frequency While Sleeping (drink lots of water) - This is the one I found that does everything:

⚡WARNING __Extremely Powerful | Nanobots Removal | DNA Repair) | ⚡A Must watch


I actually sleep with it on for hours, but I get up and drink water. I discovered that I was Morgellon’s positive in 2014, so I am hoping that frequencies like these will help me get rid of those filaments too.

DNA Repair Frequencies - It is anybody's guess if these frequencies can reverse the toxic mRNA cocktail in the injections, but they can't hurt. Drink LOTS of water when you do frequencies.

777 Hz ANGELIC CODE, Repairs DNA Healing Code, Manifest Miracles, Release Negative Energy


Immunocal by Immunotec - Immunocal provides glutathione precursors to help your body make more glutathione. Glutathiione is the body's master anti-oxidant. It decreases as we age. If purchased from Mark Playne of NotOnTheBeeb.com, this supplement will cost $130.00/30 packet box incl. shipping. It is over $180/ box from US based sellers. Just e-mail Mark and he will send you the link to his store. I stretch the Immunocal by taking it every other day or every third day... or only when I think I've been exposed to the injected or heavily contaminated.

The other supplements I take for radiation poisoning are listed below. Make a smoothie and dump out the veggie caps. Veggie caps are inedible wood cellulose.:

Boron - I try to get it in combination with other minerals if I can. Twinlab has a good one. This mineral is really important for surviving directed energy attacks.





Vitamin E

Vitamin A&D

Vitamin K

Chaga Mushroom Tincture - especially helps skin

Host Defense Mushroom Tinctures - Taken Sub-lingually to bypass the digestive tract.

Immune Boosting and Cancer prevention:

Turkey Tail Mushroom Tincture or Capsules

Vitamin C

Rapid Immune Boost Tincture

I don't even let myself think about how much all of this costs (and has cost) since I started back in my 20's. I could have built a B&B instead. We should NOT need to do this at all. Our food and environment should be clean and healthy. What is really galling is knowing that US farmers were greedy enough to go along with poisoning us since 1945, and that that our tax system used to let us write off the costs associated with healthcare supplementation.


Increase Blood Oxygen with the Wim Hof Method – This is critical for our irradiated times. With 440,000 planned satellite constellations, and approx. 2,000 active right now? Our bodies need oxygen – way more than they can get while being pulse irradiated at oxygen depriving 60 Gigahertz.

Primarily Plant Based Diet & Training Your Gut to Digest Beans – This is Prepper 101. Might as well start learning to cook and digest beans before the food stress gets crazy. Learn to store dry goods.

Exercise – Do something. Anything. You will need good cardio, muscle strength, and stamina on all levels to survive whatever comes.

Keep the Vehicle Ready – Get a pick up truck with a cap if you can. Make sure whatever vehicle you have can move you and yours reasonably comfortably with all your gear, food and equipment. Small cars are more expensive than low end pick up trucks… and a small car will swamp on slightly flooded roads, will not navigate ditches or steep hills well. Be smart, get rid of small cars and buy something that will keep you safe. Put emergency fire starting, flares, and first aid supplies in your vehicle. Keep the gas tank full and purchase a locking gas cap. No need to be the low hanging fruit if things get bad. Us oldsters remember the engineered OPEC embargo of 1973...

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Absolutely Karen! Psychologically it still makes the mind think it’s safe and we know it’s NOT! Do you have any info on if stuff is going down soon? I’m a little psychic and the feelings are so strong right now. Hoping these maggots are going to be crushed

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BIOWEAPON is the correct name because it is so by definition.

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Dec 7, 2022·edited Dec 7, 2022

Agree with your assessment full stop

Problem is that all those just following orders are addicted to the huge salary increases that accompanied giving out the death knell so the only way to get those folks to listen is to literally turn off their funding stream

As for folks not wanting to get bogged down in the middle of it all by speaking out - their funding streams have largely already been cut off - minimum 2 years lost wages alone with a whole raft of measures designed to make them pay for daring to defy the narrative that was / is still being spouted - they're on their knees now with next to tuk all left and what little they have got isn't going to be frittered away lightly

A lot of people that I know couldn't care less anymore about what happens to those that not only took the jab but also sang the praises of the jab - most are keeping their heads down cos it doesn't attract attention - we in the UK already know in our heart of hearts that nothing will be done cos all the politicians, all of the judiciary et al are all in it together so those that perpetrated the crimes will never feel any heat for it -- sorry but this is how it is

I see the destruction of what were vibrant happy people on the bus most days and am truly appalled by it but there are no ears listening and all folks like me get is a reminder from the "health" service to go and get jabbed

Love reading your thoughts Ms Kingston may God continue to bless your precious curiosity for finding and telling the truth

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Great work as usual. Re. Exodus 23:1-3, KJV is much richer, more subtle & no doubt more accurate:

Thou shalt not raise a false report: put not thine hand with the wicked to be an unrighteous witness.

Thou shalt not follow a multitude to do evil; neither shalt thou speak in a cause to decline after many to wrest judgment.

Neither shalt thou countenance a poor man in his cause.

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A download I got from God right before 4/3/2022

Sam, they only do what will cause you (all) to wonder/doubt yourself. Deception has always been the MO of the enemy. 3+ ways will always be the method. Confusion is always meant to divide, even if all 3+ways are prevelant.

They send the spirit of pride upon all those that discover their separate methods.

They laugh at the competition they cause while they kill you. It is always a multi front war/assault, immediately designed to appear the same, to make fools of those who see through them from the angle they look.

So the "3+ ways" is the enemies planed tactic, just as our understanding that prepares us for battle...

Our Lord speaks to us, because we will listen when He calls, as He answers when we ask....

Thx for all you do Karen

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