Jesuits, Black Nobility, AshkeNAZIS

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Outstanding report! This needs to go viral!!!

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Thanks for once again shining a spotlight on some truly horrible darkness, Karen! "President" Biden is on his way to joining the Rogues Galley featuring the likes of Karl Marx, Vladimir Lenin, Mao, Bill Gates, Anthony Fauci, and Klaus Schwab among others (and of course the likes of such monsters as Hitler and Stalin) as among Satan's most Useful Idiots. Tragically in Ol Joe's case, the word Idiot seems most appropriate in the way his Administration is running us all into the ground!

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Biden can never be prosecuted for war crimes as long as he is President. For Justice to be served political change must first occur. Anyone who votes for this Regime is an accessory to mass murder.

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Hi Karen,

First, I just wanted to suggest a couple of corrections:

1. "...to protect American’s rights to life..." American's should be Americans'.


2. "...the Reawaken American Tour..." American should be America.


Second, I wanted to address this: "Outside the US, the mRNA bioweapon injections are being seized and destroyed."

While I sentimentally agree with that, I sure hope that they're seizing the vials, keeping the chain of custody, AND conducting extensive investigations on the vials, using the various types of microscopy that Dr. Ana, Dr. Nixon, and others use.




(I'd hate to hear that other countries are just seizing and destroying them without examining the vials.)

"Biden’s Unbridled Reign of Terror and Destruction of America Will Not Stop Unless Congress Stops Him"

Of course, as you later say, we have to stop him, and/or make Congress stop him.

And finally, I think everyone knows that there's someone (or something) behind Biden. He's not the be-all-end-all.

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Another spot on article Karen, thank you for everything that you're doing to bring this evil out into the open! Can you please clarify something though - what do the patents mean when they say 'in another embodiment' ? Do they mean in another version? And if so does that mean there are many different versions of the technology being used? If you could shed some light on this that would be greatly appreciated!

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Your title...was my conclusion after a year of closely looking at what is right in front of us. In many cases, that perspective came with the help of you, and J. Rose, and many others who helped me understand the deep problems with this program on many levels. It's right in the data, plain as day, but it's opaque to the average citizen. Bottom line: your tutelage is invaluable.

While on this side of a "pain wall" the truth is obscured, our politicians and public health officials consistently dress that data-PIG up with lipstick and pretend it is something else.

Seeing these truths doesn't require conjecture, only a willingness to see and learn. Even so, this is the first time I've seen someone plainly and bluntly share, as you did, that conclusion in writing. Based on the data, and his actions, it's hard to argue how he COULD be acting on our behalf. Sadly, JB's pattern of acting AGAINST the true interests of the people--AND his job description--is a contagion that affects other public spheres besides public health, including the economic, military readiness and overall national security, the state of our rivers and farms and air, energy sufficiency and more. All of this begs that question: whose interests IS he representing.

WHO is he taking marching orders from? Is he doing so consciously, is he being programmed, or blackmailed, do his masters have masses of Kompromat? He's not behaving in a presidential manner, often incoherent, clumsy as if drugged, awkward, etc. etc. How can so many look past that--they must want to see in him a reliable, progressive President--but he is not.

So, thank you for standing up and saying so. You will be a lightning rod as a result, but often that is the first step toward seeing truth.

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Bought and paid for -- Buy-demon. God Bless you Karen Kingston and all Warriors. Look beyond face value and know we're on the winning side but nothing good comes easy.

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"Global military powers, specifically Russia, now recognize that the COVID-19 mRNA injections are by definition bioweapons, and are being used for the purposes causing disease, disabilities, and death of global civilians." Except that Russia is CONTINUING to 'vaccinate.' That would suggest that the over-arching global strategy has the US Administration and Putin (and Xi) as co-chairs. In this formulation Ukraine is simply a tool, and a necessary one, for global ends. We have seen how vehemently the Biden Administration (with NATO) refused any negotiations that could have ended the conflict. Here's an article from just now that underlines, perhaps, the smooth confluence of the Putin-Biden-Xi triumvirate:


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That's quite an exciting and unique fyi, Karen, that a Russian Lt. Gen. Krillilov cites your research! I have mixed emotions of gladness that you're receiving recognition, but also concern that our fake government goons' heads will explode and that they might seek to silence you...prayers continuing for your safety!

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Karen, you have to meet up with this doc! Paul Cottrell. Watch Mike Adams interview. Go to 17 minutes and listen. I think you'd be really interested!


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REALLY great research and reporting, to state the LEAST!

By the way, all the ORIGINAL Docs, of this NATION'S government show that IT incorporated in 1871 and was repealed and than re-incoprorated again in 1873 and STUCK!

And just to give YA a clue.... the HEAD of the Corporation are NOT.. Elected by popular VOTE, since the incorporation thereof into a "private corporation," in ALL CAPS .... UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, which make it.. NOT OUR GOVERNMENT!

And BOTH side of the duopoly are PAID by the FEDERAL RESERVE Ban-King system thru the IRS, which is NOT a government Agency NEITHER!

And BOTH SIDES of the CONNED-GLOOM-A-RATS are just their to get b "DIVIDED and Conquered," and NOTHING ELSE, whom all work for the CONNED-GLOOM-A-RATS, weather they know it or NOT!

TELL me that BOTH SIdes of the "elephant and donkey" SHOW did NOT PUSH the PATENTED Poison Plunges AGENDA, and then tell me that PIGGY PHARMA is NOT RUNNING that "government!"

GO ahead, lie to me!

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