Sarah's on the right side. Maybe folks in Arkansas can contact her about the nano particle poisons:


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For those in doubt about the dangers of globalist movement, which by the way, included the whole Covid-19 Plandemic, about which Miss Karen has revealed so much medical treachery, a new film is coming out soon that may help your appreciation: Here's the preview:


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This is a truly excellent and most informative interview. Scott is a very good man and interesting host, and Miss Karen is brilliant and detailed in her evidence based, uncompromising expose of Pfizer. Attorneys should be facilitating class action and criminal trials. Doctors, nurses, and clinics should refuse to administer these clot shots. Here again is the link:

I think people should be aware of what’s happening so that they can say, ‘No. I’m choosing NOT to have my body or my child’s body merged with non-human DNA and digital technology.’ https://karenkingston.substack.com/p/are-we-done-ignoring-evil-i-am-483 https://truthsocial.com/@KarenKingston/111440790828447130

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Karen, not to keep this thread going, because I know you are extraordinarily busy, but…

When real individuals I trust, like you, repeat and confirm what I’ve understood for so long, even before I could prove it, I get this reaction in my head, almost like disbelief. In fact, watching all of your interviews & lectures and reading your comments—even my own sometimes—it sounds almost crazy to me, even though I know for sure this is really happening to humanity. But that’s the purpose—like a well planned gaslighting method by doctors or professionals within government and media, as you suggested correctly, to manifest crazy-making self doubt.

The problem is, they are also implanting unreal nonsense into our minds that is so real it sends individuals off into tyrants ready to war people who are innocent, like what’s happening in Palestine. Then they will use that unreal belief to mix into legitimate conspiracy punchbowls, like adding a turd into a tasty mix in order to pollute the real fraud they are feverishly concealing. Remember Bush Jr. coming out in front of an audience damning “conspiracy theorists” as crazed loons spreading nonsense, while at the very same time insisting everyone should blindly believe all the nonsense about 9/11, psychologically-driving Americans to embrace the incredible “conspiracy theory” that radical Muslims with box cutters following orders from a sick man out in the desert with a laptop and needing dialysis to stay alive were responsible?

It’s truly maddening to be so alone surrounded by so many sarcastic, cynical skeptics (like trying to survive being in the movie Matrix and The Thing all at the same time). If only more real scientists would actually “examine” the blood), and then honestly report the facts confirming reality to alleviate the madness they created in the first place. For those of us who have confirmed the truth, it’s almost too difficult to accept, even after the monster jumps out at you from the petri dish, but that’s because there are individuals out there, including AI bots, who will dissect people for information as they “pretend” to be sympathetic, when all they are really doing is using that data to fine tune their controls, like shrinks do, then insist Zoloft, shock treatments or a partial-lobotomy will help. I’ve done an extensive study on this, too. (So much more to add, so I’ll continue in Notes https://substack.com/profile/105331799-jeffrey-p-lubina/note/c-44029200?utm_source=notes-share-action&r=1qpmjb.)

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I have asked this of so many truth speakers and I can’t get a response. I find all this gene editing therapy very interesting in light of this decision in 2013 about patenting genes. If our DNA is now compromised (or edited) can drug companies argue this to obtain patents? One would think this sounds like conspiracy theory but now to me not so much at all. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3777541/

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As I crosspost this article & video interview to my subscribers and visitors in Notes, let me start by saying that I don’t know of anyone who has a better grasp and can explain these synthetic bioweapons and why so many still do NOT understand what’s really happening to humanity better than Karen Kingston. Please note, if you do not have a belief in or practice a religion, as I do not, please put that aside long enough to hear her entire explanation, then please share this video with everyone you love and care about. I promise that it will not be a waste of your or anyone else’s time who may be finally making an honest attempt to understand just how serious this really is and why all of us (humanity) must peacefully rise up together, stop killing each-other and begin arresting these monsters, starting with their bought politicians, lawyers, judges, senior military officers and crooked cops.

It infuriates me that so many reporters and doctors who are most known on the front lines “speaking out” in the media about the criminal fraud of COVID still do NOT understand and are incapable of explaining the whole truth OR they are “intentionally lying” to keep people ignorant and distracted, and the same can be said for the most powerful lawyers in government, media and the bioweapon industry.

The evidence proving most of these lawyers are guilty of the greatest crimes against humanity in human history—conspiracy to commit murder (genocide) and conspiracy to conceal these crimes—is that few people (the majority 8 billion citizens) still do NOT understand what is really happening; that this bioweapon technology has been in development by the most Evil Satanic Eugenicists going back to 1958-67; both the militarized Coronavirus and the DNA targeting Vaxx Bioweapons; AKA Operation Warp Speed.

I began investigating the fraud of ALL vaccines while on active duty 1989. What I soon discovered is that this effort to hijack and destroy ALL life on earth from a cellular, then eventually on a DNA level, was a well thought out methodical plan to first manufacture pathogens and disease, then administer advanced bioweapons via treatments (the vaccines and other medications) in order to first run thousands of different kinds of experiments on all of humanity as if they are lab-rats, simply by declaring a “pandemic,” and then commit a mass genocide of all life, not just humanity, by literally jacking human and all other life genomes; microbial, plant, insects, animals and then humanity, eventually ending all natural life as we know it, and to also file patents, as they have been doing (even though illegally) with the intent to literally “own” all life; Mother Nature; God.

This effort, these original plans and protocols can be easily traced back to the mid 1700-1800’s by the Rockefeller takeover of all health, education and the pharmaceutical industries. There are thousands of private and public speeches, scientific papers, news print, books and testimony available to anyone with 101 investigative skills.

Please understand, a major part of “their” Satanic Protocols, their own rules, is to “openly” tell humanity their Satanic Agendas in advance, and after “we the people” do nothing to stop it, then attempt to justify their Satanic Protocols in practice by bought politician’s making these protocols Law enabling “them” the Freedom to continue without restrictions or restraints.

Personally, due to how my brain has been wired since birth (autistic) I’ve no ability to believe or understand God (good vs. evil), just “good to not-so-good brains;” that the people who are doing all of this evil in plain sight for so many centuries have extraordinary mentally illnesses and must be mentally institutionalized for life. I’ve also come to understand that these mentally ill monsters believe they are, collectively, Satan itself and have a right to destroy all life, particularly humans who submit to their demands without objecting or attempting to escape, like in the short movie “Jones Plantation” with slaves having gone through a brain “Severance” protocol without resisting—generation after generation until the Satanic Synthetic transformation is finally complete.

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Hello, Miss Karen. So glad you had this interview with Grace's father, Scott. It illustrates, on a personal level, the horrible evil the Globalists have unleashed. It also highlights the strategy that can be used to defeat them through comparison and communication!

Grace's treatment is a reflection of the way Big Pharma treated the global population during the Covid-19 Plandemic.

Another outstanding article and interview from Miss Karen! 😊👍☀️

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Thank you for all you do Karen!! And now (from the Global tab of the WHO.int site) the 46th session of the Codex Alimentarius Commission (who has tried to dictate if and how neutraceuticals can be distributed) will be held starting from 27 November. The sessions can also be followed via Webstream..... Three side events will be held on Friday 1 December to discuss: implementation of Codex standards,... Report adoption will take place on Saturday 2 December 2023 from 10.00 CET. And what are the next steps of the WHO Treaty? Much appreciation to you from NC! Alicia Coyle

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There are YouTube videos now with millions of views ( probably bots ) expressing joy and excitement over the labs producing nano-graphene. Oh you wonderful, brilliant scientists who are revolutionizing medicine and all kinds of technologies with this miraculous element that was in the vaccines and killed millions and crippled tens of millions. Of my Saviours of Science, hooray! I assume the cheering section of over a million on the one site I saw were not real people....but who knows. Scientists are now dubious humans, and most not humans at all, but alien hybrids.

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Karen, you should read dr Mercola’s article on the disinformation bots, you will find it super interesting!

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Are we done ignoring Evil...?

Karen & Scott, What an Informative and Heartwarming video. Loved it...! ❤️ 💯 ❤️

I Pray we're done ignoring Evil, because if we are Silent, we allow Evil to Perpetuate and Grow...

Our Compliance becomes Our Acceptance...

Our Acceptance becomes Our Approval...

Giving Evil Our Approval is the Demise of Humanity...

Expose Evil and his Lies & Deceptions, with the Truth of God...

Because God is Truth...!

‭‭I Thessalonians‬ ‭2:13‬

For this reason we also thank God without ceasing, because when you received the word of God which you heard from us, you welcomed it not as the word of men, but as it is in truth, the word of God, which also effectively works in you who believe.

Mahalo ke Akua... or

Thanks be to God...

Aloha & God bless, kyle

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Excellent exchange. I'll have to listen to this one again. And again. Every time I listen to you I learn a little more. I can heartily identify with his " that's a little above my pay grade" on his understanding your explanations. It is all so excruciatingly complex. The only people who could possibly have followed your presentation delivered at the pace your encyclopedic knowledge, years of professional experience in the field and (it must seem to you) a gazillion repetitions allow you to achieve, would be fellow professionals at your level of expertise. There must be what, two such others on the planet? If so, I don't think they are your target audience.

This is not intended as criticism.

I think the best interview I've seen you do was one with some guys from (I think) Sweden where you seemed to speak slowly to accommodate their apparent difficulty with the language. I was able to follow that one.

Anyway, thanks for this one too.You continue to have my utmost respect and are remembered in my Prayers.

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This is so true, so yes the governments know it is in the food and water supply, but now we find out they allow contaminants in so called medicine that's supposedly meant to help heal us, I won't say cure as anyone still believing any organization supposedly fighting diseases, is not trying to put itself out of business.

“And here’s the thing, the FDA allows contaminants to be in biologics and even in our food, unless it, the contaminant reaches a level that causes harm..."

I had some specialized tests done after watching a Zonia (one of many) conferences, and was taken back when the highest Heavy Metal toxin in my body was Cesium followed by Thallium. So of course had to do research in regards to it.

"Since cesium is naturally found in the environment, we cannot avoid being exposed to it."


Then stumbled across this beauty



It explains much and page 8 lists the main one's most people know about and it's page number. Cesium and others aren't listed by name, but start to appear under RADIONUCLIDES on page 33, not that the other ones aren't important as to what they allow and at what percentages is acceptable.

This was at the end of my readings, which of course was meant to be done with a Doctor.

Cesium High

This individuals urine Cesium (Cs) level is higher than expected, reflecting exposure to Cs but symptoms may not be evident. Very high levels of Cs in urine are often associated with the use of cesium chloride as a questionable anti-cancer treatment. Cesium is a naturally occurring element found in rocks, soil and dust at low concentrations. It is present in the environment only in the stable form of Cs133; the radioactive isotopes 134Cs and 137Cs are not measured or reported by Doctor's Data.

Natural deposits of Cs ores occur in Main South Dakota and Manitoba (Bernic Lake), Canada. Cesium may bio-accumulate in aquatic food chains; higher levels of cesium have been found in Pacific deep-sea fish and local shellfish since the 2011 Fukoshima reactor accident. Cesium may be used in high-density drilling fluids (oil and gas industry) and may contaminate local water and vegetation; Cs has been found in cow's milk. Cesium may occur naturally in mineral waters; one study analyzed the Cs concentration in 163 mineral and thermal waters and found the level ranged from 4.5 to 148 µg per liter.

At the very end this, C of course is Cesium.

Commonly used chelating agents are not effective binders of Cs.

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Yes Karen I’m done and I just came from a meeting with two very special men who are helping take these tyrants down. You will be hearing from me soon. Thanks so much, we are in control in New Zealand watch this space. Love and prayers to you magic lady.

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