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Great article Karen, you are so knowledgeable. Thank you and thanks to God for inspiring you.

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thanks Karen once again, you are are the intrepid investigator. So my question is what is Sasha Latypova saying this is DOD and not subject to FDA etc requirements?

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I'm now calling these “vaccines” out by their proper name. Prototype Countermeasures.

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So, I think that the highest value that this article speaks to is that of justice.

I think everyone reading this is in agreement that there's a massive crime occurring. I think most of us are also of a similar agreement on the need for justice.

I think that's where this article comes in, but for anyone who's reading this and would like to know what (or who) I think Karen is referring to, I think this article's a good read:


In my opinion, this 46-minute documentary, titled The New Constitution - Living War Crimes, is a good time investment.


(That video's on the Team Enigma channel, which I think is Sasha Latypova's Bitchute channel.)

I hold both Karen and Sasha in very high esteem.

Where they seem to differ is wrt which legal entities are liable for the crime we're witnessing. They're two amazing women who have different perspectives on a few things.

I have a universal spirituality and believe in karma. I'm also a follower of Jesus (or, I should say, I try to be a follower of Jesus).

Anyway, my feeling, and something I've been telling people, is that there's God's law, karma, legal justice, lawful justice (legal and lawful aren't the same), vigilante justice, and street justice.

(I mention vigilante and street justice because I think that, when people wake up to the magnitude and implications of what's been done to them, their primal survival instincts may go into revenge mode. I don't condone violence, but I have to be realistic and state things as I see them.)

My belief is that justice will be done. That said, I'd like to see it done peacefully, in some sort of court (maybe not the corrupt legal system, but perhaps in some sort of citizen's grand jury or common-law court).

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Sadly this regime can do whatever they want and there isn’t a court in the country that will turn against them. They can ignore and break law, they ignore and defy the Constitution, the steal elections and again no court will go against them. I do not see a way legally to stop them. The best chance we have is to educate people everyday, everywhere and every one we know. Just stop taking ALL vaccines/flu shots (which I believe are the COVID shot) and PRAY A LOT that one day a judge, a court somewhere grows a conscience.

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Apart from any applicable preemption principles, sections 564, 564A, and 564B do not confer explicit liability protections for stakeholders who carry out any activity under these authorities. The PREP Act, 81 however, may provide for immunity from tort liability related to activities authorized under such authorities. More specifically, the PREP Act authorizes the HHS Secretary to issue a declaration (called a PREP Act declaration) that provides immunity (except for willful misconduct) for claims related to administration or use of countermeasures against CBRN agents to entities and individuals involved in the development, manufacture, testing, distribution, administration, and use of such countermeasures.82 The PREP Act authority, including the authority to issue PREP Act declarations, resides with the Secretary of HHS and has not been delegated to FDA.

The PREP Act liability protections apply

"covered countermeasures" as defined b the statists 83 Maxenund..

This is from FDA.com

“ willful negligence” would be easy to prove.

Thanks for all you’re doing. You ARE making a difference and I’m referring people to your site daily. Doctors and officials are changing their narratives. Everyday 2-3 more famous athletes or “ stars” succumb to heart attacks at young ages. It’s tough to watch without wondering the cause. Even 1 a week, or a month, is too many. When will someone stop the killing train that’s coming through?

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Incredible job there, thank you.

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Honest, unsolicited feedback:

Recent interviews have me not staying with you to the end. Less angst and freaking out so delivery of message is palatable and possible when it is already difficult enough for all of us in the know.

This doesn't mean you need to be resigned or ambivalent. It's about approachability and successful conveyance.

Love you no less.

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Looks like the criminals are trying to ramp up again. They will be stone walled this time. God bless!

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